Free Refills at Disney Springs?

Photo credit: Chef Art Smith's Homecomin

Not long ago, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin in Disney Springs promoted their “new” outdoor bar. This reminded me that I have not written about the excellent deal on refillable sipper bottles at Homecomin’.

Promotional Photo from Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

So how do these bottles work?

Well, you purchase them and then can refill them forever (if you keep the bottle intact).  When you first purchase this sipper bottle, it will currently cost you $23 if first filled with one of the signature moonshines here. If you are like me, the sipper bottle costs $10 when originally filled with diet soda. After your first fill, you may refill with the moonshine for $15 each time. That may seem like a high price. Still, you get at least a 20 oz serving for this refillable price. That makes a good deal for those of you desiring the quality moonshine here. The moonshine comes in five flavors. These same flavors are featured in the shine flight you can find on the standard menu here. The flavors can change throughout the year.

Now, if you desire to refill your sipper bottle with a soft drink, then I have great news for you. For the life of your bottle, you can visit Homecomin’ for FREE refills of soft drinks with these bottles. Yes, you can bring your laptop to Disney Springs, get some Gideon’s cookies, pick up a free refill of soda here to type up a review of those said cookies sitting nearby in the shade.

Now if you have a real life, then you can swing by Homecomin’ to refill your sipper bottle for a soft drink for free anytime to do what you want. As you can see, if you can remember your sipper, this could create some great savings for you. In addition, Splitsville, also run by the same company as Homecomin’, offers a sipper bottle also.

Finishing up, Homecomin’ did announce, on social media, a “new” outdoor bar at Homecomin’. In fairness, this looks like a slightly rearranged outdoor bar. They said online “Looking to refill your souvenir squeeze bottle with some of our famed moonshine? Don’t have a reservation but want to get your mac & cheese on? Want to dine al fresco with views of the Springs? Well then step right up, Y’all!

Photo credit: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin

Now open 7 days a week, grab a seat and get ready to experience Homecomin’ like never before!” According to their social media, the shine bar opens from 4:15pm to close on Monday through Thursday. Yet, on Friday through Sunday, this bar opens at 9am. It stays open until closing time on those days. I would not encourage this but apparently you can drink all day on Friday through Sunday. I will let you decide your beverage of choice.

If you find yourself near Homecomin’ I wish you good luck with these sippers. As always, eat (in this case drink) like you mean it! Yet, if you choose to drink like you mean it, please be responsible.

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