Protestors Block NBA Personel Buses at Walt Disney World


Right now the NBA is playing their games in “the bubble” at Walt Disney World. Previously, the players, referees, and other people inside “the bubble” held a “protest” at Coronado Springs. They kept it inside “the bubble” and documented it and made sure it went out to all the news places and social media. It was organized and sanctioned and used for the proper PR spins.

Now protesters from outside the bubble want the NBA players and others from “the bubble” to join their protest for Salaythis Melvin, who was shot by Orange County deputy outside of an Orlando mall.

According to ClickOrlando:

An Orange County deputy opened fire Friday on Melvin, who was armed with a stolen Glock handgun outside the Florida Mall, according to Sheriff John Mina.

The sheriff said the incident began Friday shortly after noon when deputies tried to approach a group of four individuals outside Dick’s Sporting Goods because one of the men had an active warrant for his arrest and was also a person of interest in a triple shooting that occurred on Powers Ridge Court in Pine Hills last month.

During the encounter, Melvin fled and deputies chased after him. At some point, Melvin, who had a stolen Glock handgun on his person, was shot by a deputy, according to the sheriff.

He passed away from his injuries on Saturday.

The protestors were demonstrating in reaction to his death.

They blocked one bus on Buena Vista Drive first. The protestors wanted the players to come out and protest with them, but the individuals on the bus could not due to NBA “bubble” protocols.

Which someone points out as they let them through:


You can hear the driver say: “This bus if full on NBA people. They support you. So if you let them go they can go to bed.
Then they ask for them to get out and protest and are told “They can’t. I can’t let them off. I can’t let you..” and someone else says “we can’t we’re in quarantine.


Then they apparently blocked another bus.

You can see the protestors get right up on the bus. When the driver honks the horn one of the protestors gets up in the windshield, flips him off and says “f*** you.”

Now this bus was filled with league staff and media. The same people who were protesting on camera just weeks before. One person can be heard saying “Idiots.” “We need some sheriffs down here” and “They definitely need cops out here” can also be heard. Other comments include: “This is unlawful” and “I’m trying to get some sheriffs out here.

I don’t know what else the people involved in the NBA Bubble are supposed to do. They already protested, they made sure to put Black Lives Matter on the court. They can’t leave the bubble and have to stay on the buses and isolated.

It was an eventful night for those on the buses. It don’t think they liked it too much when they were the ones who got trapped.

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