Pepperoni Pizza Skulls Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando Food Review

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 2022 at Universal Studios Florida expanded their food game for this year. Some expected favorites have returned such as pizza fries, twisted taters, and The “No Chance in Hell” peanut butter and jelly. Yet, many new themed food items appear this year for Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Orlando stated that they cooked up a “killer” menu this fall featuring more than 75 items inspired by the season and the macabre lineup of terror guests will brave at Halloween Horror Nights 2022.

A wonderfully themed example shines as the “Pepperoni Pizza Skull.” This Halloween Horror Nights food item has sold well.  Many of my colleagues have tried this food item. Some have tried it several times at this point. You may find this pizza skull in Gramercy Park (New York area) of Universal Studios Florida theme park.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

The presentation of this pizza flavored food item earns high marks. The simple presentation might be worth the price of the item all by itself. In fairness, the menu description tells you all you need to know. In terms of presentation, I would think in terms of a skull in pool of blood. Of course, in this case, the skull tastes like pizza and the blood tastes like pizza sauce. The description reads “pepperoni and cheese stuffed skulls served with a marinara dipping sauce.” Okay, referring to the sauce as just dipping sauce is not fair as photos included in this article should display. The well-shaped skull containing the pepperoni and cheese goodness looks great. This HHN 2022 item costs $7.49.

Though if fails to be an apt comparison, many guests have compared this to a “Hot Pocket.” However, if you would like a flavor like the iconic “Pizza Fries” without the probable sogginess factor, this pizza skull will provide that. Sure, the sauce could be better. Still, there exists plenty of sauce for this item. In addition, the portion size of the skull itself for a theme park snack under $8 rates high. The skull contains a large amount of pepperoni also. Due to the thickness of pizza skull, I recommend using a fork and knife.

On the negative side, this item fails to be gourmet food. Yes, this is theme park fast food, so we need to be realistic. Also, the quality of this pizza skull drops as the night goes on. Thus, I suggest getting it earlier in the evening.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

If looking for a filling safe food item to keep you going from house to house during Halloween Horror Nights, this pizza skull works for that. There are several HHN food items better than this one, but choices must be made during HHN. This choice deserves consideration based on price point and portion size. I suspect this pizza skull will make a “Top 3” list for things you should be eating at Universal Orlando at some point. As always, eat like you mean it!

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