Members of KISS Express Support For Gina Carano


When Gina Carano was “canceled” from The Mandolorian people on both sides expressed their opinion. Some say they were right, others say they weren’t. But out of nowhere some unexpected voices have expressed their displeasure of here being let go from the show.

Star Wars themed YouTube Channel The Bombadcast went to a VIP Q&A in Austin, Texas on September 29th. The Q&A session was with the popular 1970’s Rock Band KISS. Bombadcast member, Scotty Jayro, asked a question that seemed kind of random but definitely had an interesting answer.

Scotty said that he knew guitarist Gene Simmons really liked The Mandalorian. He asked Gene his opinions on Season 2, and Gene gave in interesting response:

They should have kept the chick (Gina Carano) even though she had different political points of views. It’s not about politics it’s whether you’re a good actress“.

After being asked about how Star Wars and KISS both became popular around the same time lead singer Paul Stanley chimed in and said:

This whole cancel culture is dangerous. The idea the people can’t speak their mind. That’s what freedom is all about. To loose your job because of something you said, even if I find it offensive. You’ve gotta look at that. Plus she’d kick my ass (referring to Gina Carano).

Full Video courtesy of The Bombadpodcast on YouTube

It does seem a bit random, usually when I think of Star Wars and KISS in the same sentence I think of Halyx. But it’s interesting to see that Gina has support from almost anywhere. Seeing these guys publicly at a Q&A speak out against cancel culture is a pretty brave thing these days. 

What do you think?

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