40 Years of HALYX, Tomorrowland’s Sci-Fi Rock & Roll Band


40 Years ago from June 20th, 1981 – September 11th, 1981 Tomorrowland was the host of one of the most unique acts you’ll probably ever see or hear of. What happens when you mash together the popular rock band “KISS” with the hit Sci-Fi film series “Star Wars”?

You get HALYX!

In 1980 a Disney Executive named Gary Krisel was one of the heads of the Disney Records division that specialized in making vinyl records of Disney music and Read-a-Long story books for young kids. He had just recently had success with the “Mickey Mouse Disco” album which sold 3 million copies and went gold.

After that he had the idea producing a rock album and he and other creatives came up with a science fiction based band that would sound and feel like KISS but took visual inspiration from George Lucas’ popular Star Wars film series with The Empire Strikes Back being the most recent film.

The band was comprised of Lora Mumford, as the Lead Vocalist, Bruce Gowdy as the Guitarist and Songwriter, Brian Lucas as the Drummer and Jeanette Clinger and Karin Tobin as the Backup Singers, but those were the “Human Members”.

Thom Miller portrayed the keyboard playing robot “Moht Rellim, dubbed by fans as “the Beethoven From Space” (Thom was Lora Mumford’s Real Life Husband at the time.) Tony Coppola served as the Percussion Playing Acrobatic Amphibian “Waag” who would hop around while playing a variety of Instruments. Finally, and arguably the most popular out of the Space Alien cast, was Roger Freeland who played the Band’s Bassist “The Baharnoth”, a giant Wookie-Like creature that would roar like an animal while rocking a Bass Solo.

This group was set up on the Stage just outside Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. They played during the summer season of 1981, mostly in the evenings against a starry backdrop. Lights would constantly flash while the band rocked out for each 30 minute show that had about nine Songs.

A Fanbase began to emerge as the weeks went on with many people showing up to each show every night. The would dance along to the music, sing with each chorus and would scream and cheer at the end of each song. After each show fans would talk to the band members and would come up with new things for the band such as the “Moht Rillem” name by reversing Thom Miller’s name and dubbing him “Beethoven from Space”.

The fans would make custom bumper stickers and hats and even made a hand gesture by making a “3”with both hands and putting them together at the middle to make a hexagonal “H” which is what the band’s symbol was.

The Goal was to have the group get a record and they almost did with Warner Bros. Record Label but an executive shake up at the time ended that deal, and by September of 81′ without Disneyland to back them no other record label was willing to release their record.

No Master Tracks of the songs were ever recorded so all that exists are audio of the concerts via home video. The group was eventually forgotten and each member went along their way. Lara Mumford sadly passed away in 2011 due to complications with diabetes.

In 2019 popular Disney-Themed YouTube Channel “Defunctland” put up an Indiegogo campaign to fund a feature length documentary of the band called “Live From The Space Stage: A Halyx Story”, interviewing all surviving members and the executives behind it.

Their goal was met and in August of 2020 the Documentary was uploaded In Full onto Defunctland’s YouTube Channel for Free, If you want to know the Full Story you can watch the documentary Here.

The documentary helped bring in a new generation of fans, drawing fan-art and making custom T-Shirts and Merchandise on Etsy, as many were hoping and wanting to see the band someday return to Disneyland.

Some comparisons were made to the Captain EO Show starring Michael Jackson, where Captain EO was more 1980s Pop music and HALYX was Classic 1980s rock.

In my personal opinion, I think Disney would be doing the right thing if they brought this act back. Imagine all the Baharnoth Action Figures and Waag plushies and Moht Rillem T-Shirts you’d sell. It would fit right in Tomorrowland nowadays.

What do you think? Are you a HALYX Fan Now? Will you seek out their songs on YouTube and listen to the whole show? I do Highly recommend watching the Documentary if you want the whole story.

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