Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago Food Truck: Some Spicy Lows and a High

Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago

In the days leading up to the Mardi Gras celebration at Universal Orlando, an attractive food truck arrived at the edge of the Springfield, USA, area at Universal Studios Florida. This food truck location some unique spicy food themed to Trinidad and Tobago for the Mardi Gras celebration.

Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago
Chickpea Doubles

Technically, this lovely food truck fails to qualify as a food truck since, in its status, you can drive it. Nevertheless, food truck vibes emanate from this location. The Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago location previously qualified as simply average. This year, when you combine the three food options here, you might come up with a grade of C+ or a B-.

Crab & Dumplings ($14.99)

We tried this twice, and neither time received a well-prepared dish. For the record, we heard from some guests that they enjoyed this Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago option. The Crab & Dumplings consists of curried chickpeas, spicy bara flatbread, micro cilantro, and mango chutney.

Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago

On a positive note, the portion size of crab meat deserves applause. Though the price point may be a little high, at least you obtain a noticeable amount of crab.

The dumpling and stew portion looks thick with a creamy stew texture. The flatbread and vegetables in the stew brought a nice flavor, though.

The Nickelodeon-looking slime-like stew might cause many guests to dislike this. Also, the stew itself offered minimal favorable flavor when we tried it. The curry spice seemed underwhelming to us. In addition, we found the crab, on our two occasions, served as a supporting part of this dish, not the star.

Pholourie ($7.49)

This deep-fried spicy split pea dough with turmeric, curry powder, and a side of tamarind chutney made an interesting option. The team members working recommended this choice. We understand why, but we found ourselves less impressed with it than they were.

Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago

We continue to be amazed by how many ways cultures create a dessert with fried dough. These were handed to us fresh and warm. You receive three average size dough balls. A barely noticeable amount of powdered sugar was added on top when we had them.

The dough balls by themselves tasted average. They come designed for a sauce. The tamarind chutney provided an interesting combination of sweet with savory spice. The spicy kick of the sauce is nice if you expect it. Still, this sauce pairs with the dough balls adequately. Nevertheless, we found the taste average at best. With so many other food options, we would skip this Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago option.

Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago Chickpea Doubles ($5.99)

Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago

This vegan option failed to make our “Top Three Things” for vegan diners.  In fairness, with all the quality vegan options this year, this one just missed the list slightly. This Mardi Gras Trinidad & Tobago option contains curried chickpeas, spicy bara flatbread, micro cilantro, and mango chutney.

This simple style dish is presented very well. All components of this vegan option work well together. Even the mango chutney brought some flavor and spice. The Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago location should be skipped if opposed to spicy seasoning. The chickpea base supports the theme park level of spice of the sauce. Sure, we would have liked more seasoning with the chickpeas. However, this cost-effective Mardi Gras option should cause most diners to rejoice.

The Mardi Gras Trinidad and Tobago food options bring some spice. Yet, we found that only the Chickpea Doubles made a good selection here. Especially for vegan diners, you should purchase an order of those. Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando runs through April 16. As always, eat like you mean it!

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