Mardi Gras Merchandise Arrives at Universal Studios Florida

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras season starts this Saturday at Universal Orlando. For any festival at a theme park, merchandise will flow abundantly. Today, we spotted new merchandise at the kiosk near the Universal Music Plaza Stage. The team members said that this location hosted the only new merchandise so far. The Tribute Store opens this week, so we should expect more merchandise to arrive and be found in far more places.

Since Mardi Gras lasts until April 16, we all have time to ponder which merchandise to buy. This article will display some of the highlights of the new 2023 merchandise.

Mardi Gras Freestyle Cup Holder – $16.00

Mardi Gras

This incredible creation allows guests to carry their Coke freestyle cups with ease. These started being sold during Halloween Horror Nights 2022. We should expect these to be standard merchandise offerings for all special events.

Mardi Gras Wingback Jersey – $75.00

These popular style jerseys often associated with spirit received a Mardi Gras version. The team members we spoke with wanted to ensure we understood these were known as “Wingback” jerseys. The design shows the classic design on the back. The front features a similar pocket-sized design.

Ladies Purple Gator Short Sleeve Shirt – $35.00

This soft-feeling King Gator design shirt would place many in the Mardi Gras mood. We noticed today that many shirts cost $30 or $35 this year, so be prepared. Also, annual passholders should remember their potential discounts bringing this price down.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Skull Short Sleeve Shirt – $35.00



Building on the skull motif Universal Orlando likes to use for Mardi Gras visual merchandising, a skull short-sleeve shirt appeared today. The skull short sleeve shirt encourages people to think “louder, wilder, spicier.” If that sounds familiar, you may have attended last year’s event. This short sleeve shirt, like many other new shirts, has an event design on the sleeve also.

mardi Gras

Mystical Mask Bag – $50.00

Finishing up this quick sampling of new merchandise in preparation for Feb 4, Universal Orlando sells a new mystical mask bag. This bag gives off “Loungefly” vibes with a mask design.

Any event fan will notice the front mask design as a traditional mask. The back of the bag offers a small logo design, also.

This bag provides a solid practical strap.

The large zipper should make placing things within and retrieving items relatively easy.

Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando always has cool merchandise. This presentation represents only a tiny portion of the new merchandise for this event. In the comments below, let us know which merchandise you like or the kind you would like to see.

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