Individual Caught Camping on Discovery Island at Walt Disney World


Richard McGuire, 42, snuck onto Discovery Island which prompted a search from the Orange County Police Department.

Discovery Island was an attraction that closed in 1999 and later the name was used in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Yesterday I had received information about this from a friend who would know, but nothing was confirmed so I didn’t post it until I had confirmation. From what I was told his truck was discovered at the Fort Wilderness area and they found a kayak. The Orange County deputies were searching with a helicopter.

Apparently it was true as now Click Orlando has the information about it.

They said that deputies searched via a helicopter and boat, using a loud speaker to try and address him.  He claimed he didn’t answer because “he was sleeping inside one of the buildings on the island, which he referred to as a “tropical paradise,” according to the report.”

I just remember it having really big spiders.

After he was arrested he told the deputies that he didn’t realize that the “property was off limits and that he had been camping there since Monday or Tuesday and planned to stay for about a week.”

How he missed all the signs I have no idea. Clearly the police didn’t either as he was arrested and charged with “trespassing on posted property” and he is also not allowed to return to other Walt Disney World properties.

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Source: EA (you know who you are) and Click Orlando

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