‘Frozen’ Alex and Ani Bracelets Have Been Released Featuring Elsa, Anna and Olaf


I was just saying to Thom, a couple of days ago, that I bet we will get a double-sided Elsa/Anna Alex and Ani and I was right! Called it!

As part of the new #FrozenFanFest, Alex and Ani / Disney have released two new bracelets.

Anna-Elsa Double Sided:

(Photo credit: Ebay)
(Photo Credit: Disney Fashionista)

I really love that Elsa. Normally I don’t buy the princess ones because the double sided ones look weird, but I do like these. I don’t have the price but I’m assuming it would be the normal double-sided price of $49.95.

Olaf is the other one

(Photo Credit: Ebay)

Being a single charm this one is likely 44.95

Right now they are at Walt Disney World. I’m sure they will be in Disneyland as well and  Shop Disney eventually.

What do you think? I am definitely getting the Elsa/Anna one!

Comment and let us know!

Source: Ebay,  Disney Fashionista

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