Fellow ‘Mandalorian’ Star Talks About Dangers of Cancel Culture and Gina Carano

As many of you know Gina Carano was “fired” from ‘The Mandalorian’ show and removed from ‘The Rangers of the New Republic’ after she faced backlash for tweets that some claim were problematic. (Even though other ‘Mandalorian’ stars made similar tweets using the tragedy of World War II themselves.)

Gina Carano was the focus of cancellation before her holocaust statements due to some calling her ‘transphobic’ after she refused to put pronouns in her bio but still voiced her support of those that did.

Gina carano Tweet

Even Forbes posted an article saying that the firing was “hypocritical and dangerous”, but what’s done is done and the cancellation mobs have once again won.

Now Emily Swallow, who played the Armorer in the first season of ‘The Mandalorian,’ has come out with some comments about both Carano and cancel culture during Dragon Con in Atlanta and it was covered by The Direct.

She only had kind things to say about Gina Carano:

All I can say is that Gina, and working with her personally, what impressed me about her from the beginning is that she is so interested in other peoples’ opinions, and is so welcoming of other peoples’ opinions. She wants to have a genuine dialogue. She’s just like that in her day-to-day life. On set, she’s more curious about other people. She’s very giving, she’s very gracious.”

It seems that the cast and crew weren’t privy to the details of her firing and were in the dark as much as most of the public.

I know so little about what happened. I experienced it like you did. I don’t know anything about the inner workings of it. I can only speak about Gina being a lovely person, which she is.

It’s very easy for us all to make assumptions about a person based on opinions and social media, without actually knowing someone. 

Swallow also addressed the dangers of cancel culture which is becoming increasingly prevalent. It’s jury by, mostly Twitter, opinion and not necessarily by facts. A small group of people wanting something changed or someone removed can easily manipulate the narrative and the platform to get what they want.

I am thoroughly baffled by a lot of what we’re dealing with right now with cancel culture and I think that it’s… oh man. There’s so many layers to it that are important to look at, but I think that the hatred that comes into it and when people start refusing to listen to the other side, no matter which side they’re on, I think that that’s really dangerous. One of the things that is so beautiful about our country is we have free speech. We can hear things that we don’t like, and we can disagree, and that’s fine.

That’s the issue. People aren’t listening.

Everything is simply black or white and nuance or perspectives are completely lost. Social media platforms like Twitter can cause havoc for people. Gina Carano went from being loved on Twitter to despised simply for not posting pronouns in her bio and for taking a political stance that wasn’t the one the kangaroo court approved of.  She also was extensively harassed for not posting pronouns. That usually doesn’t get mentioned.

Tweets attacking Gina Carano

Letitia Wright, Chris Pratt and Rosario Dawson have all faced similar cancellation attempts.

It is a dangerous precedent. Actors don’t have to agree with every opinion or political stance fans have. It’s impossible to do so.

The cancel culture mentality really does need to stop. I have to agree with Ms. Swallow here.

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