Rosario Dawson and Her Family Cleared of “Anti-Trans” Discrimination and Assault

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Back in 2019 Rosario Dawson and her family were accused of assault and discrimination against a long-time family friend named Dedrek Finley.

The complaints had alleged by Finley included physical assault and trans-insults that included deliberate misgendering.

Immediately the media was all over this and Twitter Cancellation mobs started to harass studios that had hired her, including Disney, demanding her firing.

Well now where are the same media outlets reporting that all charges were fully dismissed? Previously all but two charges had been dropped by Finley, but now the two that were left have been dismissed.

The charges that remained involved the “assault” claims, but the courts asked for more documentation and evidence, which Finley failed to provide.

According to Vanity Fair

Finley sought to continue pursuing two claims that related to an alleged physical altercation. The court asked him to submit further evidence in order to proceed on those. 

That led to May 21—when, according to documents obtained from the Los Angeles Superior Court, a judge threw out those final remaining claims after Finley did not respond to repeated court requests for documentation, answers to questions, and an independent medical examination aimed at reinforcing his claims of mental and physical harm.

Previously, Finley also lost his lawyer

Back when the other charges were dropped, Finley had also lost his attorney, David S. Ratner, after he petitioned to court to leave the case. Ratner said that he was unable to continue to provide effective representation.

“Counsel is unable to continue to provide effective representation to client because of client’s actions and inactions during the pendency of this case. To protect the attorney-client privilege, no further details regarding this assertion can be given.

When the original charges and news hit back in 2019 and again when most of the charges were dropped in 2020, Dawson, like Gina Carano, faced a barrage of Twitter users demanding Disney dismiss her from Star Wars.

While many more Twitter users urged Disney not to fire her.

Since the news of the charges being dropped, Ms. Dawson has posed the following on Twitter:

My family is pleased that this baseless suit is over. While the vast majority of the false claims had been voluntarily withdrawn last year-including every single false claim of discrimination-the court has now terminated the remainder of the case allowing us all to move forward.

That these false claims came from someone we’ve known as chosen family for decades and who we were trying so hard to help out, as we have many times in the past, was very heartbreaking. Nevertheless, we have great empathy for him and have only ever wished him well.

Now she can move onto other projects within Disney/Lucasfilm freely without accusations and demands of cancellation looming over her.  Or at least that’s my hope. Twitter extremists tend to continue harassment, even when their “issues” have been disproven.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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