Falls Creek Falafel at Skipper’s Canteen Review


When I am asked where to have a good table service meal at Magic Kingdom, I start by taking a deep breath. Eventually, I respond by saying something about disliking the table service options at Magic Kingdom. Then, I drift into some discussion about equal or better table service options at Universal Orlando for less valuable vacation money. Of course, the correct answer to this question demands a trip to a table service restaurant within one of the monorail resorts for a break from the theme park.

If those answers fail to satisfy a legitimate query, I suggest Skipper’s Canteen. This “themed” restaurant pairs well in terms of corny jokes with nearby attraction, The Jungle Cruise. Though you will not see the backside of water here, you will be showered with many “jokes” equally worthy. For clarity, the official title of this restaurant reads “Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen.” I feel you can see why people shorten that name.

Personally based on price point and options, this place serves as a great appetizers and dessert place. In fairness, many solid main entrées exist here. From my Orlando area dining perspective, the value shines with the appetizers though. My preferred one comes from the Falls family. The Falls Family Falafel costs guests currently $11. This appetizer, like many food options across Walt Disney World experienced a recent price increase. In typical bad joke fashion, I wrote about Dole Whip tasting better at Universal Orlando now.

skipper canteen

So enough of that, how does this taste?

The menu description reads secret recipe of Chickpeas, Garlic, Onions, Lemon Juice, and Herbs served with House-made Edamame Hummus and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (Plant-based). The overall flavor earns high marks. People who claim to dislike plant-based food often enjoy this plant-based appetizer. Though I would prefer a bit more spice to go with these falafels, the spice flavor meets adequate theme park dining standards. I suggest enjoying this as your meal. Yet, these falafels could be shared.

Though the presentation concerns some guests, the collection of falafels looks appetizing. The pumpkin seeds add proper amount of crunch. I would prefer a different element for that crunch, but it is not my family’s secret recipe. The falafel texture on outside rates as crispy. Some guests have compared the texture to a hushpuppy. I disagree but can sort of see how they made that comparison. The falafels remain warm inside adding to the experience.

The onion commands attention but fails to overpower the food. Yes, the combination of onion and garlic creates a solid flavor. Still, you might select to wear your cute themed facial covering even when outdoors based on expected bad breath. Okay, you might need a mint or two after this. Remember I did recommended dessert with this. Though, a review of that will need to wait.

Last thing, if you choose to order this as an appetizer to share, I hope your math skills are better than mine. Guests get five falafels. Five continues to be tough to divide among a group any size besides five. Maybe get the “Orinoco Ida’s Cachapas” to balance out the math. Whatever, you decide, prepare for corny jokes but lots of flavor if you order these falafels.

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