Disney Significantly Raised the Prices on Halloween ‘Boo Bash’ While Giving Guests Less


File this under Op Ed, but after I saw the list of what was coming for their Halloween Boo Bash replacement along with the prices, I had to say something.

This trend of Disney giving guests less and charging them more, while acting like they’re doing everyone a favor, is getting out of hand.  Let’s take their latest “offering” they are promoting called the “Boo Bash.

Boo Bash is in lieu of the very popular Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and there are rumors that MNSSHP won’t come back and the Boo Bash will stay, but that’s just speculation.

Boo Bash is their abbreviated version of the popular Halloween after hours event.  But instead of the big “Boo to you Parade” and the Hocus Pocus themed stage show, trick-or-treating, etc.  Guests will now get random Cavalcades with characters, like they offered for free last year. Some treats like ice cream and popcorn, but not the trick-or-treating, some characters will be around here and there, but not as many as usual.

You can ride 20 attractions with “low” wait times, but a lot of the perks that made it worth it are reduced or gone.

However, it’s rumored that fireworks might be back for this event!

We are hearing from sources that we may indeed see fireworks return for the Boo Bash, but that’s all just rumor at this point.

A big issue I have are the prices for this leaner event.

The prices for this stripped down event are much higher than what Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party usually costs.

Last year when they announced prices for the MNSSHP event, at higher costs than the year before, they were still significantly cheaper than this new event.

Prices for 2020’s party (before they cancelled) were:

“Adult tickets start at $85 and go up to $149. While Child (3-9) tickets start at $80 and go up to $144.”

Prices for the Boo Bash are:

“Tickets start at $129 – $139, plus tax for August/September nights and $159 – $169, plus tax for October nights, and $199, plus tax for Halloween.”

They are up, at minimum almost $50 per ticket!

It costs that much more for far less! 

Even the times aren’t the same.

For Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party the event ran from 7PM-Midnight with early access around 4PM. This year the Boo Bash runs from 9PM – Midnight with early Magic Kingdom access from 7PM.

Let’s compare:

MNSSHP gave access from 4PM-Midnight.  Boo Bash allows access from 7PM till Midnight.  That’s 3 hours less, plus the actual party is 2 hours shorter, but they are charging how much more for it?

The last time I was there they were cramming in far more people, to the point the wait times were about what they were a few hours before it started on some attractions.  I’m thinking they will do the same with this event.

I’m sorry but this is getting ridiculous Disney. It’s not worth it for most people anymore.  The “perks” do not match the price.

For a company that cares so much about their customers they sure do treat them like piggy banks or ATM machines. Constantly talking about PCAP rates (how much a guest spends) and how they can increase those over actual guest experience.

Many people have been hit super hard by the pandemic and you want that “increased demand” and guests coming back, but you are increasing everything to the point that already cash strapped people can’t even afford to go at all.

Parks like Universal are going to swoop in and take your audience with better deals and offers.

But I guess Disney need to pay for multi-million dollar executive bonuses somehow!

Do better!

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