Abigail Disney Calls Out Disney Executives For Taking Bonuses After Furloughing Most Employees


Abigail Disney, daughter of the late Roy Disney, is once again calling out the Walt Disney Company. This time over how the executives are taking $1.5 billion in bonuses even though they company is saying it needs to furlough most of their employees because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Now I’m going to share what she said and get Op Ed on you.

Frankly, she’s not wrong. So many were furloughed and in Florida, if you can get onto the unemployment system you will get about $275 per week maximum. Then they could also get the $600 a week from the Federal Government stimulus too. All while Disney has their hands out to the Federal Government as well. When the first meetings at the White House started, talking about financial help, representatives from the Walt Disney Company were there trying to get a piece of the pie, and yet their executives will get $1.5 billion in bonuses.

Here’s Abigail Disney’s Twitter thread:



Many of us are Disney fans. We want the company to survive and the parks to open and the movies to come back. But the company keeps raising prices on guests and already have been raising prices on menu items BEFORE Walt Disney World reopens, stating that they need the money to keep building and keep open. Yet, they keep bragging about all their over $1 billion box office hits and “successful” new expansions. Stock buy backs keep happening and now executives will still get their bonuses while the majority of furloughed employees have to figure out how to survive.

Stocks are king and we’ve been saying it.

Sorry, but this isn’t what a company that leverages “family” for sales should be doing.

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