Disney Safe After Tornado Spotted in Downtown Orlando Yesterday


It looks like Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World are safe after a possible tornado touched down in Downtown Orlando on Saturday, June 6th.

Several clips of the tornadoes were posted on Twitter:


According to the Orlando Sentinel, up to 50 people are now displaced after a possible tornado touched down near the downtown Orlando area causing damage to homes, cars and trees. One particular apartment complex, Lake Margaret Village, seems to have been hardest hit.

They talked to one of the displaced, Terri Young, who said that the storm hit quickly:

“It happened too fast. The next thing you know you hear the big pop, and the power went out. All of a sudden, it was so loud. I ran down the hall and the cats came running. … It was frightening, and then it was over. The cats are fine, but they’re terrified.”

The storm caused significant damage along Catherine Street and at Lake Davis Apartments as well. After it was over it’s estimated that eight buildings were damaged in the storm and about 30-50 people are currently displaced.

All in all it was about 20 miles from Walt Disney World, and about 10 miles from Universal Orlando. It was close.

Now the National Weather Service will assess the damage and will make a determination of if it was a tornado, and if so how severe. According to Meteorologist Tony Cristaldi, “weather service teams will provide details later in the day, he said.”

You can find many more videos of the event on Twitter.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel, Twitter

Featured Image Credit: News 96.5

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