Disney Parks Blog Caught LYING About Moana Tiki Room Retheme After SMEARING WDW News Today?


Well now.

It would appear that there was, in fact, a Moana theme overlay being discussed for The Enchanted Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom.

This after the rumor had been reported by several fan news blogs (including our own), but was shot down by Thomas Smith on the official Disney Parks Blog via a post called “A little birdie told us…

The blog post had some harsh words for some sources in particular, which many believed to be a not-so-subtle dig at WDW News Today. WDWNT seems to be a thorn in Disney’s side, as they’re one of the few Disney fan blogs that’s not on Disney’s “cupcake party list.”

The Disney Parks Blog seemingly refuted that a Moana-themed overlay was being planned for Walt Disney World, but the post also stated that “unscrupulous sources” were feeding fans “incorrect information.”

We’re sorry that our fans are being fed incorrect information by unscrupulous sources. While “toucan” play at that game, we deal in facts here at the Disney Parks Blog. Although we won’t address every rumor, we want to set the record straight: there are no plans for our feathered friends to fly the coop any time soon. We’re constantly evolving our stories, but these birds will continue entertaining our guests at the Magic Kingdom Park just as they have done since 1971.

“Pixie Dusters” were quick to gobble up the Disney PR spin, but it turns out that WDW News Today was actually correct.

A new blog post on WDW News Today shows that (former?) Disney artist Xavier Treto posted some concept art of the possible Moana Tiki Room overlay in his portfolio. While that post has since disappeared, you can check out an archive here.

Photo Credit: WDW News Today
Photo Credit: WDW News Today

So… Disney lied? Admittedly by omission, as they said the Tiki Birds weren’t going anywhere, but the initial rumor never stated that they were. The rumor was that Moana was an overlay, much like Under New Management before it.

And they used their official Disney Parks Blog to throw shade at a popular fan outlet, going so far as to call them “unscrupulous?”

What the actual hell is up with that?

With all of the weirdness and combativeness surrounding Lucasfilm and dissenting Star Wars fan voices, is this just Disney’s current company culture? Are they using underhanded methods to silence the fan blogs and YouTubers they can’t control?

This, on top of several questionable decisions made during the pandemic, makes me wonder if the Disney company I grew to love even exists anymore. And I’m not the only one who has stopped sniffing “the Pixie Dust” in recent years.

Shame on you, Disney. You’re better than this.

[Source: WDW News Today]

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