Disney+ Crashes Hard on Launch Day. Social Media is Angry.


Well, this isn’t good. The much ballyhooed launch of Disney Plus had a bit of a failure to launch. The new streaming platform (that Disney is seemingly betting the farm on) crashed today, and social media is unhappy.

While downtime is pretty normal with high demand websites and new services, it’s a bad look given how many resources the Walt Disney Company has poured into the Netflix competitor, and that many users paid months in advance.

Check out these reactions on Twitter…

My own experience was different. I subscribed, and had my Disney account locked due to “suspicious activity.”

According to Business Insider, even if you can connect, don’t expect to be able to watch an entire episode of a show without some hiccups…

In our test of the service Tuesday morning, the first episode of “The Mandalorian” lagged at times and the mobile app (on iPhone) crashed. When accessing the app, an “unable to connect” error message appeared.

And when Business Insider made a new account on desktop Tuesday, the Disney Plus website crashed. This was after inputting billing information. Business Insider still received an emailed receipt for the Disney Plus plan, but couldn’t access the website…



While I’m certain they will get things straightened out eventually, it’s a PR black eye given that Disney has talked about extensive testing and is betting heavily on winning the streaming wars with this “killer app.”

Here is their response…

Oh, Disney. Always turning bad press into a positive.

Disney Plus launches today for $6.99 / month. If you can get into the system.

[Source: Business Insider]



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