Travel industry “pummeled” by Coronavirus, and Disney won’t be immune.

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Not even the “Disney Bubble” can keep out the real world crisis of COVID-19, and the travel industry is only now beginning to feel the pinch from what might be an extended downturn.

With airlines seeing a plunge in bookings, and major events and conventions being cancelled almost daily, it’s foolish to think that Disney will somehow be immune to the impact.

The State Department issued an advisory for U.S. citizens to avoid cruises entirely, especially if you’re elderly or have underlying health problems.

Cruise Line stocks have plummeted 50% in the past few months, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. And this as Disney seeks to ramp up its Cruise Line offerings.

According to a recent article in USA Today, it’s absolutely dire.

The travel and tourism industry has taken hit after hit since the coronavirus outbreak began in January. It’s still early for concrete data, but economists and industry executives fear 9/11- or recession-like repercussions. Travel demand plummeted, then and was slow to recover.

“Unfortunately, they’re on the front lines on the effect of this virus. They’re getting pummeled,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics.

While Disney has done everything it can do to monitor the situation, this is a global crisis that may take a little while to really hit the Mouse House in the wallet… but it surely will.

Will Disney Close Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

The big question is whether or not Walt Disney World or Disneyland could be closed for weeks, or even months, due to fears over Coronavirus.

While that currently seems like an unlikely scenario, COVID-19 has forced the closure of some of Disney’s overseas theme parks, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility should Coronavirus spread throughout Florida and Southern California.

Airlines, Disney and Universal have so far been pretty accommodating when it comes to cancellations and re-booking vacations. So even if the parks should close temporarily, Guests will more than likely be compensated.

Disney Fans are Allowed to Be Concerned About Coronavirus.

And now on a more personal note, I would implore Disney fans to not mock people who have legitimate concerns about Coronavirus and the impact it may have on their vacation plans.

Just stop it.

We’re seeing a lot of this on Disney fan forums, as if Disney is buried under a layer of impenetrable Pixie Dust and the real world can’t touch them.

While we can debate as to how much of the hysteria is legitimate and how much is amplified by the media, the truth is that this is still a global crisis that is wrecking havoc with travel plans and the economy, and people are allowed to feel however they feel about it.

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Consider the source when it comes to your Disney travel plans.

While Disney is doing everything in its power to minimize the impact of Coronavirus to its parks, resorts and cruise lines… many variables are simply outside of Mickey’s control.

Most Disney fan blogs, forums and YouTube channels are either owned by or sponsored by Disney authorized travel agencies, or have another connection to the Walt Disney Company.

Now, I’m not saying that these outlets are deliberately spreading erroneous information regarding Coronavirus and Disney travel plans, but also be aware that they don’t want you to pass on your travel plans because it’s simply not good for their own travel businesses.

There are some once reputable Disney fan outlets I used to frequent telling readers multiple times per week that now is the time to book that vacation or cruise… even if the government is literally telling people to do the opposite.

Again, I get it… the travel industry is hurting right now. But use your own judgment as to whether or not now is the right time for you and your family to take that trip.

If you’re not going to enjoy yourselves because you’re going to be on edge the whole time, then maybe now isn’t the right time for you.

And for many people, Coronavirus just isn’t a concern and they’re able to travel and not worry about it. And that’s fine, too.

This will eventually pass, and Disney will still be there whenever you’re ready.

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