Chorizo for Breakfast at Hard Rock Café?

hard rock cafe

Looking for a rock star level breakfast while visiting Universal Orlando Resort? Want to be able to sit down and enjoy full-service breakfast dining? Want to do this without having to pay for a high quality but high price point buffet at the Universal Orlando Resort hotels?. Well, the Hard Rock Café offers several table service style breakfast options from 8AM-10AM each morning.

Next, how does a chorizo breakfast burrito sound to you?

To me, the smell of chorizo in the morning creates wonderful breakfast images in my mind. For whatever reason, I enjoy the more “Mexican” style table service breakfast meals. Any restaurant that serves huevos rancheros or similar style breakfast options gets my attention. Also, the concept of a breakfast burrito that does not come in paper from a drive thru window sounded great. Obviously, I ordered the “Breakfast Burrito Chorizo.”

This Hard Rock Café breakfast item costs $15.50. At this point, I feel need to make a distinction and clarification. Some visitors to Universal Orlando confuse the Hard Rock Café in CityWalk with the actual Hard Rock Hotel located about a six-minute walk away outside CityWalk area. The Hard Rock Hotel also serves breakfast at The Kitchen. I ordered this burrito from the Hard Rock Café located in CityWalk between the two land-based theme parks.

Okay, this burrito at Hard Rock Café comes with this menu description: flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, crumbled chorizo, and shredded cheese. This burrito comes with a side of home fries. As I usually say about “home fries” at Hard Rock Café, they look like breakfast style hash browns to me. However, you be the judge.

hard rock cafe

So how was the burrito?

For a theme park full-service entrée, the portion size rates slightly above expected. This worked for me as a filling meal though. Full disclosure, this was “second breakfast” for me since I rope dropped Velocicoaster that morning. After doing several queues wait time tests for early park admission data, my spouse messaged me asking about breakfast. Despite that, portion size meets satisfactory price point value.

The main flavor of this burrito was the eggs. In fairness, the eggs possessed solid seasoning and great texture. Clearly, some of the seasoning from other ingredients became a part of the eggs themselves. However, the cheese and chorizo failed to provide the flavors explosion I expected. I anticipated a solid amount of spice with this burrito. My assumption ended up inaccurate. The burrito tasted good but not for a chorizo style burrito. If you order this expecting spice of any type, you will be disappointed.

Would I order this again?

I usually do not add this question to my review. As a very part-time theme park food blogger, I rarely order an item more than once. My focus in theme parks pertains to food items I have never reviewed before. Having said that, I would not order this again. Hard Rock Café offers better egg-based breakfast dishes than this burrito. Now, if you wanted a breakfast burrito and your group went to Hard Rock Café, this choice would suffice. In contrast, if you wanted a spicy breakfast burrito, pass on this one. If looking for a better breakfast options at Hard Rock Café, you can select the Eggs Benedict or the Chicken & Waffles.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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