Carnitas Tacos at Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

(Photo Credit: Universal Orlando)

In the never-ending universe of change at Universal Orlando, the menu at Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck transformed. This taco truck previously featured many fans’ favorite taco, The Korean Beef Taco. As reported in many places, a new Carnitas Taco featuring pork shoulder appeared on menu in its place. Like most things in life, this change brings good things and bad things. I would like to thank The Unofficial Guides and for photos and perspective about this new taco. In addition, I consulted four other trusted sources on their thoughts about this new taco.

So, what is the good news about this pork carnitas taco?  First, salsa (red or green style) now comes with all tacos here. The lack of anything to dip your side of tortilla chips in long reigned as biggest negative of this taco truck. In addition, if you need more flavor with your taco, taco sauce packets are far easier to find now at the pickup window than before.

Photo courtesy of The Unofficial Guides

As The Unofficial Guides tweeted, the pork rates as tender and flavorful. Also, others stated that this taco matches well with the taco sauce. The toppings of onion and cilantro work well with this taco. Since all three tacos served at Bumblebee Man’s now are topped with onions and cilantro, guests should prepare for this change in contrast to cheese and lettuce toppings before. All reports I have received so far indicate the new toppings change the quality a negligible amount.

Photo courtesy of

As usual, the tortilla shell offers reasonable taste and softness of texture. The tortillas work well allowing the taste of pork to shine for these tacos.

Photo courtesy of The Unofficial Guides

Of course, these tacos come with negatives. With the addition of this taco to the menu, the price point increased slightly for all tacos here ($11.99 for Carnitas Tacos for example). Though difficult to tell comparing previous photos to most recent ones, most guests express these tacos appear smaller

Yes, I will be theme park sad about my preferred tacos disappearing. Nevertheless, these pork tacos merit consideration for a light lunch when visiting Universal Studios Florida. As always, eat like you mean it!

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