Avatar Sequels Will Show More Regions Of Pandora Says Cameron


Avatar: The Way of Water currently sits at a $1.93 Billion worldwide, close to passing its initial goal of $2 Billion at the global box office. The film has become a huge success, almost as big as its predecessor from thirteen years prior. With the amount of money the film has brought in we will definitely see the full story writer/director James Cameron has in store. 

However, now of the film’s biggest criticisms of the film is how familiar it feels when compared to the first film. A Stranger, or in this case strangers, visit an unfamiliar environment/culture and must “learn the ways of the people” in order to be accepted. In first first film it was the forest people and now it is the water people.

Not too long ago Cameron confirmed that Avatar 3 will feature an evil tribe of Na’vi known as “Ash People” who most likely live near a volcano. We will, like the first two films, learn about their culture and ways. But it appears that isn’t the only thing we’ll see going forward.

Previously, in my review for the film, I made a joke saying that we’ll see a pattern where we meet new cultures from places like the desert or the arctic. But in another big “called it” moment that joke has seemingly become reality.

In an interview with B TV Korea, Cameron stated that we will see more environments and peoples in the next films. He stated:

Everything that we need to say and see is on Pandora. I don’t have to go to other planets to tell this story. So we can go to the desert. We can go to the mountains. We can go to the boreal forest, the temperate forest, not just the tropical rainforest. We can go to the polar region. We’ll see a lot. And we’ll see the different adaptations of the different cultures across these films.

With this new information we can now determine a pattern in these films as Cameron wants us to see the entire world of Pandora and al of its peoples; Kind of like some science fiction nature documentary in a way. Seeing all the different cultures and creatures there.

While this may be seen as a poeticize for the fans who love seeing all the great visuals the formula may grow tiring for the average movie-goer who wants a deep and unique story.

We’ll see how this fairs with Avatar 3 and Avatar 4. If the gamble pays off who knows if we see Avatar 5 or even Avatar 6.

Source: The Direct 

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