5 Things We Love About B Resort and Spa


Walt Disney World’s current business model has driven many guests to explore staying off-site for their vacations. The Disney Springs resort area offers numerous accommodation options. Today, we examine positive reasons to select the B Resort and Spa. Even though this may seem like an odd hotel name, this company offers high-end accommodations. Why should you choose this for your next Walt Disney World vacation?

1.Location, Location, Location…

This hotel falls within the rows of accommodation option in Disney Springs area. As you might guess, this hotel resides near Disney Springs itself. Yes, this location allows easy access to Disney Springs. If you elect to drive to the Walt Disney World theme parks, the drive distance shortens compared to many other off-site options. Still, the location lacks ease of staying at moderate or deluxe Disney resort hotel. However, you might find a closer hotel to some of the parks, but B Resort possesses solid location.

  1. Comfortable Room

B Resort promotes their “Blissful Beds” in the marketing. For once, the marketing lives up to reality. The beds offer comfort for a hotel. The rooms feature comfortable chairs and sofas depending on style of room selected. Solid seating areas aid guests if they need to type like a theme park blogger. Last thing, if you are a coffee drinker, each room has a Keurig coffeemaker. This allows you to bring your own pods of choice to start your day with your favorite coffee (not standard hotel in-room coffee).

  1. Complimentary Shuttle to Disney Parks

Their marketing advertises shuttle service. The complimentary shuttles help your stay since they are free with your stay. Personally, I enjoy not needing to drive myself around on Orlando vacations. This feature could make your stay easier. However, in a future blog, this will make list of things we dislike about B Resort also.

  1. Special Birthday Pricing

B Hotels and Resorts offers a special deal for people once a year. Within a few days of your birthday, you can book a special rate online. The second night of your stay will cost you only $1 during your birthday week. Yet, blackout dates must be navigated but this could save you well-earned cash.

  1. Early Theme Park Entry to Walt Disney World Parks

Guests at B Resort receive the 30-minute early entry each day to WDW parks. A half hour may not impress you. However, that extra time might be the difference between you waiting 2 hours to ride Rise of Resistance instead of 40 minutes or less at beginning of day. Early theme park entry saves guests from feeling they need to purchase a lightning lane. If you can ride that attraction early in day, you can relax later spending time on attractions with traditionally lower wait times.

This resort functions well for many guests but it is not perfect. As a result, in upcoming days, we will publish what we dislike about B Resort. Still, this hotel offers many advantages that you should take into consideration for your next trip.

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