5 Reasons We Love Bigfire American Grille at Universal Orlando

(Image Credit: Universal Orlando)

In recent years, Universal Orlando CityWalk has upgraded many of their points of sale. The former Emeril’s restaurant converted to Bigfire American Grille. When this was being built, sources told me it would be a mid-level steakhouse. In fairness, Bigfire provides more than just that. Still, the intended theming should welcome guests to a nostalgic idea of cooking over an open fire. Supposedly, this reminds diners of family vacations of yesteryear camping or at a lakeside vacation home. Even if you miss the theming, many diners love this place for numerous reasons.


This restaurant features a partially open-air kitchen. Due to this, guests can view the massive grill where the cooking magic happens. The impressive grill employs a wood blend of various types. Some guests state they can watch the kitchen activity for hours. I would not recommend that since your food would get cold. Yet, the kitchen operation adds to this dining choice.

bigfire universal orlando


The appetizers menu displays numerous non-traditional options. These options work well here. They range from a fondue, oysters Rockefeller, trout dip, and mussels. For a review of the mussels, click here. As a result, this restaurant can serve as an excellent appetizers and drinks place based on these options.

bigfire universal orlando
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal (December 2021)

The interior of this restaurant builds with earth tones. The color scheme using tiles, wood, stone, and even a plaid wall with lanterns paint a picture for diners. The gigantic lodge-like feel adds to the smoky flavored dining experience.


You may not think of burgers at a restaurant like this but perhaps you should. In fairness, this burger will not replace your favorite burger. Yet, this burger functions as the most consistent star at this restaurant. This upscale burger costs less than $20 and comes with a red wine aioli, caramelized onions, and a beer cheese sauce. Some compare this burger to being more of a fork and knife entrée. As you might expect, the beer cheese adds a pleasant smoky flavor. Also, the taste quality measures up no matter how you ask to have the meat prepared. I am sure some bad reviews of this burger are out there. Yet, I have never heard one.

bigfire universal orlando


Even if you do not get an entrée here, the drinks, appetizer, and dessert dining plan work just as well here. Bigfire offers several quality desserts. The two most photogenic ones features are baked Alaska and campfire smores. Now, these desserts may fail the overall value test. Still, they are fun to eat.

bigfire universal orlando

Maybe for your next trip to Universal Orlando, you should select a reservation to dine at Bigfire. If you qualify as a fan of smoked meat, then you will enjoy this place.

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