10 Non-Ride Ideas for Kids at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


My family and I have been visiting Disney parks since I was a small child. Now that I’m a mom myself, I’ve made sure to take my kids to Walt Disney World as often as I can.

They started going when they were very little. My son was 6 and my daughter was 2 1/2.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of their favorite, NON-ride, things to do at the Magic Kingdom.  Because sometimes the lines are long or they are hot and they would rather run or have a treat or play instead of wait in another line.

  1. Finding Hidden Mickeys
(Photo from Attraction-Tickets)

My kids are older now and they still love to do this! Hidden throughout all of the Disney parks are “Hidden Mickeys.” Try to spot various ones as you walk along. Take a break and have a bit of a scavenger hunt or try to find the most hidden ones.

2. The Leaky Tikis

Oh my the kids LOVED these. They will still run in sometimes.

Located in Adventure land near the Jungle Cruise are a set of drumming and water spraying tiki statues called the Leaky Tikis. Just follow the delighted squeals and you will find it.
It’s a great way to let your kiddos cool down and run some excitement or stress off! Just thinking about our first trip and how much my littles loved them still makes me smile.

3. The Spitting Camel

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Another way for your kids to get wet and have fun doing it, is the Spitting Camel.
Located a short distance away from the Tikis, literally steps away, in front of the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. This camel will spit water at unsuspecting, and totally suspecting people as they come by. Just look for the water spot on the ground to know where to stand.

Right now it’s temporarily removed for refurbishment, but fans have been assured that it will be returning soon!

4. The Sword in the Stone 

(Photo Source: OnlyWDW)

Located in Fantasyland in front of Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel an across from the Cinderella Castle entrance, this is something we still stop and try from time to time.

The Sword in the Stone is just as it’s described and like in the film. It’s a stone with a sword and each day someone is randomly chosen to lift the sword. So make sure you stop and let your kids have a try!

5. The Main Street Vehicles

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Okay, so this one could be considered a “ride” I guess. It’s still not technically a theme park “ride” and it’s something our kids enjoy!

There area few vehicles that operate and they are all turn of the century inspired.  There is an omnibus, a horse car, a fire engine, and a horseless carriage.  You can get on at either end of Main Street USA. Early morning is a great time to catch them!

6. Casey Junior Splash ‘N’ Soak Station

Located in the Storybook Circus area of the park is a large splash station and kids LOVE it. So much so that I recommend taking a swimsuit with you so your kids can change and have a fun “Splash ‘N’ Soak’ session. They are going to want to do it anyways so be prepared.

What’s really great about this one is that there’s a large restroom located right next to it. You will see people going in and out with kids in swim suits, you can’t miss it.

This one is a definite must-do for small kiddos! They will love it! Trust me!

7. Tomorrowland Dance Party

Over the years there have been a few different iterations of the Tomorrowland Dance Party, currently I believe it’s an Incredible’s theme. At set times there will be a special dance party by the stage located in the back of Tomorrowland. Go between the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (another one of my kids all time favorite things) and the Carousel of Progress and head towards the back. There is the stage and you and your kids can have a dance party with characters.

It’s another great way to let little ones have fun without standing in long lines and you can see characters too!

8. Main Street Confectionery

What do kids love? Sugar!

The Main Street Confectionery is a great place to stop in and cool off! There are all kinds of treats available at different price ranges and a lot can be a snack credit too.

You can even watch the bakers create the treats right there. Kids always love visiting. Plus it’s a good reward and an excellent bribery option.

9. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or the Pirates League

This one can have an extra expense with it, but it’s not that bad depending on what you get and it’s totally worth it!

You need to make reservations for your child (3-12) if you want to participate in one of the make-over packages. If you can’t get a reservation keep trying as they can open up.

If you want to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique it’s located in Cinderella Castle on the wall with the mosaics.

Photo Credit: WDW Info

The Pirates League is located in Adventureland.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Book early and if you don’t want to buy an expensive costume find one online or at the store and bring it with you for your pirate or princess (see what I did there) to wear.

This is still one of my daughter’s all time favorite things she’s ever done at Walt Disney World. Definitely worth the money!

If you don’t want to go the make-over route you can take your kids to Castle Couture near Cinderella Castle and a cast member will give them a free Pixie Dust sprinkle in their hair!

10. Disney Parades 

My kids love the Disney parades! Some of their favorite memories are of the parades in the Magic Kingdom.

If this is something you think your children would enjoy definitely stay for one of the parades! They currently have a Move It Shake It Mousekedance It Street Party and the Festival of Fantasy parades in the Magic Kingdom.

Make sure you get a spot along the route early so your kids can sit on the curb. Bring a towel or something to sit them on and find a shady spot if you can. We usually use this time to give them a drink or a snack while they take a rest.

I’m going to add one extra special one to the list.

It’s special because it’s only during certain events, but if you have the chance to do one of the after hour parties like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party DO IT! It’s so great for kids. The Halloween one especially! They get to trick-or-treat and it’s all worth it just to trick-or-treat in the Magic Kingdom. It’s so cool!

Plus both events have special shows, parades, treats, merchandise and more. But they are extra special and just plain fun!

Just know you will NOT be able to do everything in one night. It’s one of those things where you pick the shows or the rides or the trick-or-treat or some combo of a small bit of each. Definitely worth it though! My kids still love it and they are older now!

There are some ideas for those of you who have kids (young or older.)  I hope these ideas help you out! I would love to hear from you about your experiences too!

Do you have any things your kids look forward to that aren’t rides? Comment and share!

Have a great trip!




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