WandaVision So Far– Here’s My Opinion/Review On The New Disney+ Show

Wanda in a 70's top on a retro television screen

We are about half way through the nine episode ‘WandaVision’ series on Disney+ and I wanted to share my take on it. We have had reviews from contributor WDWPro on the subject as well. We agree on some things and disagree on something.

Spoiler warning moving forward!

My take!

First of all I do think Disney releasing this as a weekly episode series might not have been the right choice. It worked well for ‘The Mandalorian’ but this show has more of a “Stranger Things” or cohesive movie vibe to it. For that reason I think they should have dropped the series in one go. I get the reasons for breaking it up, mostly to keep people from subscribing and dumping Disney+ after they binged the series or to keep interest moving forward until we get new films. However, I really think this show should have just been done in one chunk or even two chunk releases.

The Show

The premise of the show is that Wanda and Vision are married and moving through the decades as they progress. Each of the first three episodes feature a generalized overview of popular television shows from a featured decade. So Episode 1 was basically a Dick Van Dyke or “I Love Lucy” type show, representing the 50’s. Episode 2 seemed like “Bewitched” or “I Dream of Jeannie” show from the 60’s.

During the first two episodes we start to meet various people from Westview and in both the first and second episodes some of the outside world creeps in with a bright red helicopter, a man in a beekeeper costume and a radio transmission.

The first two episodes were hit and miss for me. While I enjoyed the play on the time period and genres, I was mostly bored because they felt like we weren’t going anywhere and I knew it would be a week till we got anything else to move forward on.

Episode three moves us into color and into the 70’s with throwbacks to shows like “The Partridge Family” and “The Brady Bunch.” Now Wanda is pregnant and we move the entire pregnancy and delivery in this one episode. Vision seems to notice things aren’t right, but Wanda quickly changes the scene. The neighbors are acting weird and trying to tell Vision that something isn’t as it seems.

Geraldine comes in to help Wanda deliver the twins and then pushes it to far by mentioning how Wanda’s brother Pietro was killed by Ultron. This cracks the facade and she’s thrown out of the town by Wanda, ending up in a field surrounded by the military.  Finally we started moving forward and it starts getting more interesting!

The fourth episode actually starts getting more interesting as we can finally see what’s going on in the world outside of Wanda and Vision’s Westview. This also gives us an idea of the time frame as it starts off with Monica Rambeau “Geraldine” reappearing after Tony Stark unsnapped everyone. It gives us an idea about how crazy it would have been to have all these people return after they were lost for a few years.

Now the one thing about this episode is that it feels more the MCU films. We have a look at what’s going on and, it moves a lot faster and, in my opinion, it gets a lot more interesting.

We learn Maria Rambeau passed away and she built up SWORD and Monica is part of the organization. Now we have SWORD and SHIELD in the MCU.

Westview apparently didn’t exist until recently. We see Monica get sucked into it.

Then they tie the show to the MCU again with Agent Jimmy Woo from “Antman” and Darcy Lewis from “Thor.” We establish that SWORD is trying to get to Wanda and it might all be caused by Wanda’s reality bending abilities.

I have to admit I was not liking the show after the first two episodes. I didn’t even watch episodes 3 and 4 until today. Now I’m looking forward to seeing more. I think that this show might have lost potential viewers with the slow start, like it almost lost me. I can see people just waiting to watch the show in chunks rather than tune in weekly. Personally, that’s how I would recommend watching this show or just wait till it’s fully released and watch it all at once.

We have five more episodes to go and it looks like it’s going to pick up significantly moving forward. At least by the new trailer that just dropped recently:

Now I’m a bit more invested moving forward. We’re heading into new decades for the TV spoofs too and that could be fun. At least more relatable for me. I remember mostly television from the 80’s on.

But this is all my opinion. What do you think?

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