Videos Posted Show Super Nintendo World, Mario Kart and Yoshi Attractions

Pink and yellow yoshi vehicles overlooking Super Nintendo Land in Japan

I’m going to start off by saying all the credit for these belong to Universal Parks News Today, and the other Youtubers I’m going to show videos from. They have their videos up first for looks at the new Super Nintendo World in Universal Japan. Make sure you give them a like and / or a follow!

Universal Parks News Today has many more videos from the area including interactive elements, how to set up your band, characters meet and greets and more! Check that all out on their Youtube channel!

We finally have POV looks at the two major attractions and the park itself! It’s fantastic and I’m so excited for this to come to the United States!  It’s going to be a huge draw for Universal. Disney does need to worry about this one!

The Park Itself

First off you need to enter via a warp pipe and there’s a photo op too. The theming is already fantastic!

Then you enter into the area through the gateway of Peach’s Castle

You can meet Princess Peach

The area

Bowser’s Castle

Yoshi’s Adventure

This takes us to the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge Ride Through

It starts out with a screen and then goes onto a track:

Like the game it seems the vehicles are “racing” each other.  The ride is a combination of screens, animatronics, lights, sound and visual effects. It is very well done!

Here’s a video by Ned Flanders with the Glasses! There’s a big difference!


Yoshi’s Adventure:

This ride is much slower. It’s very cute and you get fantastic views of the area, but it isn’t much for “thrill.”  Adorable and fun for small children, Yoshi fans, or people who don’t like “thrill” rides.

1-UP Factory and Merchandise

This video shows you all the amazing options they have!

Maction Planet also has a video up!

Yoshi’s Snack Island

Again full credit to the Youtubers shown!  Give them a like and a follow! Thanks for the look! It’s amazing!

Source: Universal Parks News Today, Maction Planet, Ned Flanders

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