Vegan Dining Updates at Universal Orlando

Croissant Moon

After I finished editing a blog about things like Genie and lightning lanes, I scrolled through my social networks. Yes, there were more productive things available, but I selected this. I saw a post by Hard Rock Café Orlando. I enjoy this restaurant despite its flaws. In this social media post, I gazed on an enigma. Hard Rock Café was promoting #Veganuary for people to dine vegan to start the new year.

Photo Credit: Hard Rock Cafe

The photo in question promoted their impossible burger. This menu item offers a vegan burger patty. However, the vegan burger was covered by cheese (not indicated to be vegan cheese) and an onion ring. Also, other features of this burger make me question how “vegan” one can call this.

After doing a little research (hit a few google links!), I discovered way too many places say their items are vegan inaccurately. This article does not intend to solve that issue. However, based on finding this example, I wanted to update and clarify a few menu items at Universal Orlando for vegan diners. Nevertheless, I do not claim to have covered all changes over last few months regarding vegan dining at Universal Orlando.

One last thing, I must give credit to Shelby Castle and Stephen Cagnina as leaders of Universal Orlando Vegans Facebook group. Both posted updates about several food items over last few months that a very part-time theme park food blogger appreciates. Having said all of that, let me list a few updates:

  1. The Pad Thai at both Mythos and Confisco’s should not be assumed as vegan currently. The sauce used may or may be vegan. For those of you being strict vegans, I suggest o ordering something else at those places.
  2. As Shelby Castle posted recently, the Edamame Gyoza at Comic Strip Café disappeared from the menu. If you are unaware, one of the worst theme park food courts recently went through a major menu adjustment. Currently, a well-liked tofu ramen bowl shines on the new menu as an excellent vegan option. Apparently, the edamame gyoza failed to sell well so vanished from menu after a short time.
  3. Speaking of vegan items vanishing quickly, the Curried Chickpea Salad Croissant arrived on menu at Croissant Moon Bakery on November 1st, 2021. Sadly, this interesting vegan option faded away in early December 2021. Reasons given were low sales and supply chain issues.
    Croissant Moon
  4. This Fall, the Herbivore Burger emerged at Burger Digs. For a full review, look here. Of course, I defined this burger as a sandwich, so you are aware.
  5. Stephen Cagnina posted recently about a new treat option at CityWalk version of Cold Stone Creamery. He spotted a Silk Almondmilk Chocolate frozen dessert there. Initial reviews of this vegan options describe quality flavor. For example, one of my non-vegan friends tried it. He expressed that he still preferred his dairy filled version. Still, he conveyed enjoying this dessert. I suppose I will need to try it myself next month. This vegan dessert bring temptation to include non-vegan items in the mix so prepare for that.

    Photo by Mike Esteen
  6. Shelby Castle posted that she spoke with a team member to confirm the food truck that served the UOV Sausage and Peppers previously would be reopening. This serves as great news for vegans. This holiday food truck menu item earned excellent reviews. 

For people eating exclusively vegan, theme park days bring peril. Universal Orlando exponentially improved their vegan options over last few years. As always, order wisely. Still, eat like you mean it while you enjoy a day at Universal Orlando.

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