Universal’s Great Movie Escape: Look Inside Lobby and Bars (Photo Report)


Universal’s Great Movie Escape opened on December 9th. The two escape rooms started allowing the public to experience these highly themed attractions. However, this new addition to Universal Orlando CityWalk offers more than just the escape room experience. The theming inside this building and the bars creates an excellent opportunity for guests to relax.

Universal's Great Movie Escape Coming to Universal Orlando Resort

We have been trying to determine any clues about the interior of this place from the exterior for several weeks.

On opening morning, I got the chance to speak with two very helpful Team Members about the two escape room options. Both Travis and Kearia were incredibly professional and polite. They reminded me that the two storylines were linear and experience driven. The idea of locks or keys from a traditional escape does not apply to this one. They also said that many “Easter Eggs” to fans can be found within these two experiences.

They told me that each experience would be about one hour long. Groups would have a guide for the entire time.  If you have adverse reaction to strobe lights and/or fog effect, these escape rooms might be a less than ideal situation.

Travis also warned me that there were no bathroom breaks so be prepared for that. In addition, drinks were allowed but not trash cans during the attraction moving from one room to the next room. He also said that you might not want to carry stuff since you will need your hands free to do activities involved.

Universal's Great Movie Escape Coming to Universal Orlando Resort

Large lockers are provided for $5 if desired. However, you do not need to use then to go through these escape rooms.

Universal's Great Movie Escape Coming to Universal Orlando Resort

On opening day, I entered the lobby as the second person in the building. The building opened at 10:30 am. I know that some reservations for tours through each themed experience started soon after that.

As you move into the building, you see several displays of themed items. You can also take the stairs. Those stairs take you to the Jurassic World escape room and the upstairs bar area.

This place contains plenty of distractions to enjoy whether you are doing one of the escape rooms or not.

Since this is Universal Orlando, the place features a bar. This one offers the same drinks as the upstairs one.

The upstairs area provides guests with some entertainment and nice views also.

The bar offers many varieties of beverages. They said seven alcoholic beverages were available. Two non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased. If desired, you can add alcohol to those also. The non-alcoholic one cost $10. The alcoholic ones vary in price from $14-$16 in price. At least on this morning, you can buy mimosas and bloody marys.

Guests also may enjoy the outdoor area on the second floor.

Will you be visiting Universal’s Great Movie Escape? What do you think of the lobby and bar area? Please let us know in the comments.

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