Universal Patented New Anti-Motion Sickness Tech For Epic Universe?


Universal City Studios, LLC filed a patent for a “forced air” system combined with ride restraints. As the name suggests, the LLC is an extension of Universal Studios. Where will this system be implemented, though? Current rides? Future rides? Maybe the upcoming Epic Universe park in Orlando?

In an interview with International Theme Park Services CEO Dennis Speigel, he told the Orlando Sentinel that he believes this system is a key to Epic’s supposed advanced ride systems, “… as we intensify the guest experience, we’re looking for ways to make sure physically they can accept what we’re doing.

Considering Epic Universe will be built right down the road from Sea World, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios, it will have to wow audiences. Ride technology has grown so much since those parks were first built, and Epic Universe could be a real gamechanger.

We get glimpses of the possibilities here and there when established parks offer up a new ride every few years, but Epic will be all new. So, we should be expecting to see brand new types of experiences all over the place. But, with those new experiences come new ways for our bodies and minds to react, positively and negatively.

The Orlando Sentinel relayed some details of the patent. What will this system do to help riders suffering from motion sickness? It has something to do with forced air. According to the patent application, the system would use forced air to “generate sensory effects coordinated with operation of a ride system and/or to mitigate effects or inducement of kinetosis during operation of the ride vehicle.”

I have not experienced motion sickness before on rides. So, I can’t say what the experience is like or if blowing air would help. What I do know is that those who do feel ill due to rides take extra precautions beforehand.

Check out this video from the Mayo Clinic about planning for your trips for those who suffer from motion sickness.

What are your thoughts on this new system? If you suffer from motion sickness on theme park rides, do you think it will help? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel]

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