Universal Orlando Resort to Make Big Announcement on August 1

(Photo Credit: Universal)

Universal Orlando Resort has indicated that there is a big announcement coming on Thursday, August 1.  So big, that they’re having a press conference at the Orange County Convention Center.


What could it be?

We think it could be an official announcement about the long rumored Fantastic Worlds,  or it could be called Epic Universe third gate.

This third gate would contain the Nintendo area that everyone has been talking about for awhile now. Speculation originally was that a Nintendo area would be added to an existing Universal Orlando park, but now the rumor is that the Orlando Nintendo area will be the biggest of the Universal Parks and will become part of a third park to accommodate it.

The design for a third park would be based off of a hub and spoke design (like we see at the Magic Kingdom) and each world would be accessed by a “portal.”

Nintendo Land

Orlando Park Stop posted some images from a supposed leaked model for Nintendo elements. A Mario Kart attraction is set to be the “flagship attraction” for the new park area.

(Image from Orlando Park Stop)
(Image from Orlando Park Stop)

One attraction that has been talked about previously is a omnimover ride called “Yoshi’s Adventure.”

(Image from Orlando Park Stop)

According to the Orlando Park Stop:

There will be more than 40 ride vehicles on the track at a time, with more than a dozen at the load/unload platform alone. The load/unload platform will be a turntable style, similar to the load area for Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Guests will load and unload on a moving walkway that is rotating at the same speed as the ride vehicles.

There is also a ride diagram (and a lot more information on their article which you can read HERE.)

(Image from Orlando Park Stop)

Another area with models is a Donkey Kong Park area that features a roller coaster attraction.

(Image from Orlando Park Stop)

Keep in mind that a Nintendo area would only be one part of a third park and other Universal IP could be used to create others worlds. There was also talk of doing something with Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. But I haven’t heard much about that lately.

Hopefully we will have questions answered on Thursday with the official press release. I’m so excited about it!

What do you think? What are you hoping for? Comment and let us know!

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