Universal Orlando Resort Hotels Freestyle Cups Update (January 2023)

freestyle cups

Many Universal Orlando Resort hotels offer souvenir refillable freestyle cups for purchase. These Coke freestyle souvenir cups allow guests to save money on beverages while staying at Universal Orlando Resort hotel. However, the policies and pricing of these freestyle cups changed again. However, these changes look better for the guests. In fairness, these changes may have happened months ago, so they may only be new to me.

freestyle cups

In previous articles, we have examined the inconsistency regarding pricing for the freestyle cups at the Endless Summer Resorts compared to other Universal Orlando Resort hotels. Also, as a reminder, the resort hotel freestyle cups do not work in the Universal theme parks. In addition, the theme park versions of freestyle cups do not work at Universal Orlando resort hotels.

Recently, I went for a visit to some of the value and prime value hotels. I took photos of food court menu boards during those visits. Since my last visit to the food courts, I noticed that pricing for freestyle cups had changed. However, I have good and bad news depending on the stay you usually enjoy at Universal Orlando.

freestyle cups

In the good news category, the value and prime value hotels now have the same pricing structure for resort freestyle cups. Also, these hotels have the same rules for “length of stay” purchases. Any stay between four and fourteen days counts as a length of stay purchase. Thus, for the current $19 price, guests can receive refills for a reasonable price. In addition, if you stay longer than 14 days, hold onto your receipt to show the team members so they will activate your cups again if you have any issues. You might have to show your room key to prove how long your stay is, but this should be an easy process.

Compared to previous confusing policies, that all brings good news to guests. I have some bad news, though, and then some confusing information. The bad news revolves around pricing for one day. A one-day freestyle cup costs $10.50. Please remember that this is not 24 hours, but the refillable ability ends at midnight officially. That makes an expensive day of beverages if you want to utilize this program for one day. With four or more days costing only $8.50 more, the one-day option could be better value than what is being offered.

Freestyle cups

Finishing this update, I have some puzzling news about resort freestyle cups. One day costs $10.50, right? A second day costs only $1.50 more. However, a three-day freestyle refill cup costs $16.50 now. In fairness, I have not visited the resort’s hotels in a while so these prices may be old news to many people. Still, that pricing jump for two days versus three days looks odd.

In conclusion, I love the freestyle cup programs at Universal Orlando Resort. However, the value for a guest staying only a few days looks low. Yet, this refillable cup program could save a noticeable amount of money for my friends that stay for two weeks or more.

Do you purchase a refillable cup at a Loews/Universal Orlando Resort hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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