Universal Orlando Raises Some Annual Pass Prices Again

Image: Universal Orlando PR

Though we should have seen this coming, the price of annual passes increased for non-Florida residents again. The Premier level annual pass increased a few months ago. However, this time all levels of annual passes increased for non-Florida residents very recently. As someone who lives outside Florida, this caught me off-guard. I expected the annual pass price to increase later in the year.

Fortunately for my family budget, my spouse got her new annual pass last week for Mardi Gras, so she paid the previous rate. However, the prices for anyone buying an annual pass will now be higher. The price breakdown looks like this:

2 Park Passes (Gives admission to the land theme parks but not Volcano Bay)

Season Pass        $349.99

Power Pass         $399.99

Preferred Pass   $449.99

Premier Pass      $714.99

This price increase reflects a $50 increase for each level.

3 Park Passes (includes Volcano Bay)

Season Pass        499.99

Power Pass         559.99

Preferred Pass   609.99

Premier Pass      904.99

As you may or may not know, each level of pass includes different benefits. In simple terms, the “Season” passes involves far more block-out dates (like no entry to Universal Studios Florida on any concert night). Whereas the “Premier” passes include admission every day and early park admission to the land parks every day. “Premier” level also includes limited express after 4pm, one free HHN ticket, and 15% off most food/beverage options.

If you are a Florida resident, your passes have not increased yet this year. You should expect an increase soon based on historical patterns. Universal Orlando does not announce when annual pass prices will increase so keep a watch.

For comparison, the Florida resident annual passes expense looks like this”

2-park                  3-park

Season Pass                                      $299.99               $399.99

Power Pass                                       $349.99               $459.99

Preferred Pass                                 $399.99               $509.99

Premier Pass                                    $599.99               $789.99

For more details about Universal Orlando annual passes and benefits, please consult Universal Orlando Resort’s website here. Universal still offers great value with their annual passes. Yet, guests will need to budget a bit more money for their next Universal Orlando vacation.

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