Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Jambalaya Review

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

When some people think of Mardi Gras food, they think gumbo or a bayou boil. I think jambalaya. Of course, jambalaya serves as a common restaurant choice for me normally. The “Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya” started being sold to passholders yesterday. Soon, all the Mardi Gras food tents will open around 11am starting this Saturday daily.  (Featured image from Universal Food Blog)

In previous years, I have felt indifferent about the versions of jambalaya served at Mardi Gras food tents in New Orleans/Battery Park area.  They were good but I doubted the monetary value of them with so many other quality food options available. That thinking evolved from the previously tasting lanyard system. That system disappeared. Now, Universal offers a discounted food and beverage card/lanyard. Based on estimated math combining my premier annual pass discount (15%) and the 20% saved by purchasing a discounted $150 food and beverage card, this food item offers great potential value. The final potential cost for premier passholders after all the discounts comes to about $4.50 in real money plus tax. The menu board pricing for this jambalaya reads $6.49.

The official title of this menu item declares it as Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya. The title contains lots of words I like! The menu board description reads “mixed rice with andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, peppers, tomatoes, finished with a spiced crawfish.”

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

First, I dislike crawfish very much. I dislike the taste and texture. I apologize to crawfish lovers but want to be honest in this review. However, the portion size easily equals a good value. Most orders received solid portion size of sausage, some shrimp, and plenty of chicken. I appreciate the protein portion size for a food tent menu item. The rice tastes great mixed with everything else. The chicken helps solid flavor. However, I lack confidence in the overall quality of chicken itself. The shrimp does not help or hinder the dish. The overall flavor at least for first day rated better than previous years

My evaluation, after consulting with a few other people I trust about theme park food, merits people buying this. The value is solid especially for premier/preferred passholders. Having jambalaya should help let the good time roll. Also, unless you have too much of it, it should help those feet from failing you now. This menu item will be worth your time. Also, if you enjoy crawfish, it comes with a bonus.

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