Universal Orlando Has A Patent for an Augmented or Virtual Reality Ride Attraction


It appears that Universal Orlando has recently filed several patents according to the Universal Orlando Automated Twitter Bot.

In this article we are taking a look at one of them.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Ride Attraction:


The idea behind it is a ride vehicle to accommodate passengers with an onboard game system. These systems would provide an on-board augmented reality game or an on-board virtual reality game, or both via their “respective visual experience generator device.”

There was also a patent filed for an Augmented Reality Ride System for an Amusement Ride.

This patent seems to tie into the previous one based on what it is and the art work associate with it.  “It’s an “augmented reality system for an amusement ride includes a facial recognition sensor that detects a guest’s face, skeletal recognition software that detects a guest’s body, a presence sensor that detects a guests presence and a controller.”

The controller includes a processor and memory and is configured to generate an augmented reality animation based on the sensors.

Here are the images that were included. It seems that the sensors read the guest and then create an image based on sensor readings of the guest.

These are just two of the many patents recently made public.

I will be interested to see how they apply these.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Twitter, a friend


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