Tron Lightcycle Run Ride Vehicles Could Cause Issues For Some Guests


Going by Cast Member preview reports it seems that the ride vehicles for the upcoming Tron Lightcycle Run could cause some guests issues. Like the issues with the Mario Kart vehicles in Universal Studios Hollywood, some individuals are reporting that they are too tall or too girthy to fit into the ride vehicles according to WDWNT.

This is not surprising given that the ride vehicles are the same ones they use in Shanghai Disneyland. Like the Mario Kart vehicles that came from Universal Japan, they are made for a culture that runs smaller both in height and build than “westerners.”

When guests sit on the bikes a back piece is lowered to lock them in, much like ‘Flight of Passage.’ Just like the issues with ‘Flight of Passage’ taller or larger riders aren’t able to lock in properly. Tron Lightcycle Run seems to be worse.

Now all is not lost. About half the ride vehicles do have a car where you can sit, for those that might not feel comfortable on the bikes, or those that may have issue that prohibit them from the bike vehicles. However, WDWNT pointed out that there was a much longer wait for those vehicles.

When talking about the issues with the Mario Kart attraction at Universal, we speculated that the Tron coaster would face the same problems, but we did note that it had the back car. I think the wait time for the back car could be significant when the attraction opens to the public on April 4, 2023.

Both Disney and Universal just used vehicles they already had and didn’t retool them for audiences here, but at least the Tron coaster has the extra car for those that can’t fit. Perhaps Disney should add that car to every ride vehicle instead of just half of them. If they don’t the wait times could be worse than expected.

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