Universal Hollywood’s Mario Kart Ride To Have 40” Waistline Limit


The upcoming Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most anticipated themed lands in any North American theme park in quite some time. Not since Hogwarts or Pandora has there been such hype for a themed area. The Universal-Nintendo Partnership is looking to be something that will greatly effects Disney in the theme park business. 

The themed area will include multiple rises themed after the Super Mario franchise, the big attraction being the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge themed ride. Guests, with the aid of 3D lenses, will soar down a speedy track in a race to the finish.

However, it looks like the amount of guests on the ride will be somewhat limited due to a recent bit of information. According to the Wall Street Journal the ride vehicles have a waistline limit of 40 inches. 

This decision is most likely due to the ride vehicles being copied from the Japanese version of the ride at Universal Studios Japan. In Japan the government has laws in place to help prevent weight related health problems. Men’s waistlines were not to exceed 33.5 inches and women were to not exceed 35.4 inches or else risk their employer being “fat taxed”.

Aside from this, volumetrically westerners tend to be larger with the average Japanese person being 5′ 2” with the average American being around 5′ 8”. So the size difference is more than just having a few extra portions at the hotel buffet.

Since this news many fans have expressed their disappointment with the news on Twitter:

While it is unlikely perhaps Universal will take feedback and have the ride vehicles for the upcoming Universal Studios Orlando resort be “upgraded” to more accommodate the more western focused resort.

What do you think? Is a 40 inch limit a bit too stick for a ride vehicle? Or is it a reasonable request?

Source: KTLA5

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