Top Three Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando Resort This Week (February 19, 2023)


After having almost every food item from the Mardi Gras tents at Universal Orlando, we decided to fast for a day or two. We walked right past the scale in our bathroom because we did not want to know. While we ate many excellent food items we also ate several horrible food items so you would not have to do so. This week, the “Top Three Things” includes three Mardi Gras options, as you might expect.

Top Three Things

This week, we will start with a surprisingly good item from the Canada food truck. This food truck sits in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida. Though this item struggled on opening day, the Poutine with Short Rib Gravy provides a higher-than-expected flavor. We were so impressed with this Mardi Gras item that we did not wait for the “Top Three Things” article to announce our appreciation for this item. A more detailed review can be found here.

Over at Islands of Adventure, Croissant Moon Bakery continues selling tasty treats for each seasonal event at Universal Orlando Resort. We loved the Banana Upside Down Cake sold there for the Mardi Gras season that lasts through April 16. This bakery item costs $5.49. This merging of banana bread and a coffee cake brings a flavor that some of our friends could not get enough of. The chocolate piece on top enhances this bakery treat also. Always remember to check the bakery cases for seasonal food items.

top three things
Brioche King Cake

Speaking of seasonal food items, we were impressed with a few of the Mardi Gras bakery items at the TODAY Café. TODAY Café often appears in “Top Three Things” lists. A simple-sounding King Cake Brioche received a rave review from the people we were with during the first week of Mardi Gras season at Universal Orlando Resort. Universal Orlando Resort took quality brioche bread and upgraded it with frosting and Mardi Gras décor for around five dollars. This Mardi Gras treat should not taste as good as it does.

Thanks for reading another “Top Three Things” article. We will return with more yummy food items for next week’s top three things. As always, eat like you mean it!

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