Toothsome Apple Pie Sundae: Is it a Solid Dessert or Does it Just Melt?


Yes, you have found another article about Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen. Toothsome receives a significant amount of love from guests in Orlando. Yet, it also receives a noticeable amount of disdain from some visitors. The Toothsome model must be working since this concept keeps expanding. The Toothsome model extended into California and overseas. If that were not enough, Philadelphia has one. Toothsome offers photo-worthy milkshakes in a collectible container. Yet, I usually recommend a different style of dessert at Toothsome, the sundae. I ordered the “Apple Pie Sundae” there during my September trip to Universal Orlando.

I recommended sundaes here primarily since they are easier to share. Also, the variety of flavors usually functions better in the sundaes in my opinion. Of course, the milkshakes taste great also. Yet, based on their construction, they present challenges in sharing.  Several people can share a sundae here with more ease.

The Apple Pie Sundae costs $13.50. This price point is lower than the milkshakes. This sundae consists of apple pie, streusel, pie filling, vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon sugar pie crumbles. This sounds wonderful for anyone visualizing a warm fresh piece of apple pie topped with some ice cream.

The construction of this sundae looked like the “Banana Cream Pie” version I had earlier this year. However, the construction pattern of this sundae serves as a strength and a weakness all at the same time. The spread-out presentation allows people (and food bloggers) to taste each ingredient individually. If a certain aspect of this sundae appeals to you, then you can enjoy it easily. Individually each component displays good quality.

However, the different ingredients do not play nicely with each other. For example, apple pie depends on other ingredients for full flavor. Yet, the apple pie piece comes warm with all this ice cream goodness. Thus, the ice cream melts quickly. Normally I would appreciate that. Yet in this case, the melted ice cream loses something. I lack a perfect description for the issue but when this ice cream melts it loses flavor quality. The warm portion in contact with cold works for a minute or so before losing quality. Perhaps a bit more cinnamon and a larger piece of pie would aid with this. After my initial excellent bites of sugary goodness, this sundae became a chore instead of a treat.

Overall, this sundae functions as average. I expect better quality from Toothsome. In direct comparison to the banana cream pie version, the apple one rates much lower. Sadly. If given the choice, I would pick the banana cream pie one every time. As always, eat like you mean it!


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