Today is Apparently #MakeSolo2Happen Day According to The Internet


May 25th is the day that the internet has decided to push for a second Solo: A Star Wars Story film. It has it’s own #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag and everything.

Twitter is already buzzing:


This one is too funny not to share:

Solo: A Star Wars Story is considered a “bomb” for the franchise with it only making $393.2 million. To break even they estimated it need to make about $500 million.

Like the last Twitter comment, if they would bring it back, I could see them making it for Disney+ over a film. I don’t think they will take the risk on it again after how poorly it did.

I think there were two reasons this film didn’t do well. 1. The fandom boycotted the film because they wanted to send a message after The Last Jedi. Of course the studios interpreted it as the audience didn’t want the “Story” films instead. That was not the actual case. 2. The media kept doing stories about how the film was in trouble with the reshoots, director changes, and stories of Alden Ehrenreich needing a dialogue coach, etc.. It turned people off.

The film itself wasn’t that bad, but it already had a lot working against it. Frankly, I think it’s hard for the audience to see someone else playing Han Solo other than Harrison Ford, even though I don’t think Ehrenreich did a bad job. But no one can be Harrison Ford, except for Harrison Ford. I think if it was a Disney+ thing people would be a bit more forgiving, but since it was a film, I don’t think they could push it as much.

Of course that’s all my opinion, but as someone who’s been in the fandom practically since birth, that’s how it felt watching it go down.

Either way, Twitter is angling for a second film. I think the fact that AT&T has announced that they will do the Snyder cut of Justice League for HBO Max is spurring Solo fans on too. That was once thought impossible as well.

But we shall see what happens.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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