TikTok Artist Posts More Video Updates About His Claims of Disney Stealing His Work


If you have been following the saga of TikTok artist Andrew Martin, then you are aware of his claims that Disney product design manager, Costa Alevezos, stole his Enchanted Tiki Room drummer sculpt and passed it off as their own. The sculpt ended up being included with the 50th Anniversary collection and was signed by Alevezos as his own work.

Alevezos even posted the piece on Instagram:

Apparently the Tiki Room Drummer either sold out or was removed from the Disney site and the accused art thief has removed his social media accounts including Instagram. But the TikTok creator took screenshots. (Always take the screen shots.)

Here is his recent video (swear warning):


@monstercaesarstudios @disneyparks #arttheft #disney #3dartist #3dart #artistsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Andrew Martin – Sculptor

Mr. Martin does an overlay showing that it’s the exact same piece in his video too.

No word from Disney yet with an apology, deal, acknowledgement, or anything else.

He also did a video where he talks about why he believes Disney stole his artwork. Just because Disney created or owns something does not mean they own every art piece created of it and can just use it as they wish. He also is an artist that has been hired to do sculptures of Disney IP, like ‘UP’ because it’s a highly specialized field that you need to have experience in and know the software to do it well.

Here is that video:


@monstercaesarstudios If mine work isnt original, why steal it? @disneyparks #arttheft #disney #3dart #3dartist #artistsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Andrew Martin – Sculptor

Hopefully there is some resolution to this situation. Even if they stop selling the piece, they still profited from it and they could still at least apologize for the situation or even reach and agreement with the actual artist where they would be credited fairly for the work and paid.

We will watch the saga as it continues to unfold.

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