They Changed the Menu at Central Park Crepes Again

Photo by Jon Self

If you are a fan of the Lemon Blueberry crepe at Central Park Crepes, I have some bad news for you. This week that crepe disappeared from the Central Park menu board. Also, if you rush through the park to enjoy the Plant Based Chick’n crepe, you get the same bad news. Sorry, both of those items were recently removed from the popular Central Park Crepes stand in Universal Studios Florida. I find it odd that the “Lemon Blueberry” one disappeared based on perceived popularity. However, two new crepes replaced the above-mentioned ones.

In the savory section, “Pork Carnitas” sits listed at top of the menu board. Universal Orlando chefs have developed a partiality to pork. Several new pork entrées have been added over recent months. Most of those pork entrées offered decent value and quality flavor. Initial reviews of this new crepe show promise for this one also. This new crepe costs $10.99. The menu description reads braised pork shoulder, grilled peppers, onions, cilantro puree, cotija cheese, and tomato salsa.

Menu May 2022
Menu board April 2022

Vegan diners lost the savory option of the “Chick’n” version here. However, a sweet vegan version sits at top of menu board for sweet options here. The “Vegan Berry” is the new name crepe. This crepe costs $9.99 like the rest of sweet crepes. Once again, I have only heard from a small number of people who have eaten this one. However, they claimed preference for former Lemon Blueberry crepes. Still, this vegan option sounds like an upgrade over the previous version. Yet, vegans do lose a savory option here. The menu description for the “Vegan Berry” reads fresh blueberries, coconut whipped toppings, vegan cream cheese, toasted almonds, and raspberry sauce.

(Sorry Park Rush Podcast, your savory vegan crepe disappeared)

Over time, we will know more about the quality of these new crepes. Also, I noticed that the single serve soft drink price went up here from $4.29 to $4.49. We hope this quick update helps with your planning for trips to Universal Orlando. As always, eat like you mean it.

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