The Statue of Alligator Loki Has A Hidden Surprise


The God of Naughty Caprices is a cold-blooded reptile. OK, he’s an Asgardian, but he is indeed a scaley creature in one reality. Though limited to just a few minutes of screen time, Alligator Loki got to have some fun … like eating another Loki’s hand.

This statue is one of Iron Studio‘s more affordable ones, clocking in at only $89.99. It measures 3.9″ (H) x 5.9″ (W) x 4.3″ (D). The alligator version of the mischievous god isn’t all that interesting, but what did catch my eye was a little jar buried just below the gator’s belly.

Yup that has to be Throg. For those unfamiliar, in the classic days of the Thor comics, Loki turned his brother into an anthropomorphic frog. Eventually, the character got his own identity separate from the God of Thunder. So Throg gets a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo during Loki’s Disney+ show, again, in a jar.

This isn’t the first time that Throg tagged along in statue form. He joined the comic book version of Thor for another Iron Studio statue. However, since the Gator Loki statue is small, I’m not sure how much detail you’ll be able to see in the final product.

Loki-gator will be shipping during the third quarter of 2022.

Iron Studio
Iron Studio
Iron Studio


  • Limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in polystone
  • Hand-painted

What are your thoughts on the Loki variants found in the Disney+ show? I enjoyed seeing a classic version of the character show up. What would be great is if we could use this show to introduce more comic-accurate versions of iconic Marvel heroes and villains. Hell, bring back Joseph Culp to play ’94 live-action Doctor Doom!

I interviewed Mr. Culp a couple of years ago, and he said he’d like another crack at being the Fantastic Four‘s ultimate nemesis.

[Source: Iron Studio]

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