The Simpsons Team Up With A Fan Artist For A Very Special Couch Gag


For decades The Simpsons has given us arguably one of the best recurring jokes in an animated series, the Couch Gag. Whenever a Simpsons episode begins for the intro a variation on the moment when the Simpsons family all sits on the sofa there is usually a unique joke/gag for that particular episode that follows.

Now how many people out there would want to make their own couch gag? How many would want to be involved with one of the most well known recurring jokes on television? Well that wish has just come true as the latest Episode of The Simpsons features the art style of well known Simpsons fan artist @spikemonster

Fan artist @spikemonster is responsible for the @ThoseSimpsonsKids fan comic series. It depicts the many children characters of Springfield, like Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Nelson and so on, as more late teen/early adult years. The series has gained a cult following amongst the Simpsons fan community.

This couch gaga came as a surprise as the last post on the comic’s twitter account was August of 2021, leading to some people to believe the series had ended. But since the gag aired on television the account seems active once more.

Artist @spikemonster then went on to thank both The Simpsons and Simpsons writer Tim Long for reaching out for the collaboration.

This is definitely something you don’t hear about every day. A big mega corporation teaming up with a fan artist on an official project for the benefit of the product.

The only other times I recall something like that happening was when Sega published Sonic Mania, a project made by dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Or when Capcom hired a team that was working on a fan remake of Resident Evil 2. Granted they were told either to shut it down or work for Capcom officially, and it became one of the best selling Resident Evil titles in a long time.

How do you feel about this? Was it cool seeing The Simpsons team up with a fan?

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