The Pizza Stuffed Pretzel At Universal Orlando Is Definitely Worth A Try!


Not sure when it happened, but pretzels are a theme park staple food now. At Universal Orlando, it is difficult to be very far from a food location that will gladly serve you a pretzel. On a related note, my love of pizza tots is well known, but Universal Orlando has another pizza flavored treat. I am not referring to the Halloween Horror Nights treat known as pizza fries. They have a pizza stuffed pretzel.

This pizza flavored treat, until recently, has only been found at the Lemon Slush stand in Marvel Super Hero Island. In previous years, this was one of my better suggestions in terms of a snack credit. The stuffed pretzel was filling enough to keep you going through the theme park until you decided to sit down to a real meal. However, since park reopening in June 2020, the Lemon Slush stand was rarely open.

Well, the pizza stuffed pretzel is back!

They have even added it to the menu at Carmen’s Veranda food/beverage stand near Café La Bamba in Universal Studios Florida.

During my September 2021 trip, I finally found the Lemon Slush open and I got a pizza stuffed pretzel.

Did my love of this pretzel live on?

The recipe has changed since my last enjoyment of this treat. The sauce tastes a bit better but there are less pepperonis.

I also noticed that the pepperonis were mostly on outside of pretzel versus inside pretzel as before. This led to the pepperonis being overdone in terms of flavor and crispiness.

I still found the pretzel enjoyable though. The question is should you get a standard pretzel with cheese or the pizza stuffed pretzel. They are both currently same price at $6.79 (before discounts).

In my opinion, the standard Universal Orlando pretzel is inferior to the competition’s version of the “Mickey Pretzel.” Though the Disney version will not make you forget the taste of an excellent warm pretzel, it is the better Orlando area theme park choice.

If I were choosing a pretzel snack at Universal Orlando, I would select the pizza stuffed pretzel.  Universal Orlando has lots of pretzel options, with several Auntie Anne’s locations too, the standard pretzel is an okay choice, but it is nothing special.

The portion size of pizza version is more consistent than the standard option.

Next time you find yourself at Universal Orlando, consider these pretzels as a snack. Universal Orlando has added the Jalapeno pretzel as yet another option.

Whatever your preference, enjoy your snacks.

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