The Patrick Spikes Disney Theft Case Wraps Up and Buzzy is Still Missing


We’re a little behind here at PNP since we were in the parks and in the “Disney bubble,” but it appears that the theft case against Patrick Spikes (aka @BackDoorDisney on Twitter) has wrapped up.

Back in 2018 Buzzy from Cranium Command ended up going missing and that led to a series of events with other stolen Disney props ending up for auction. Those instances let the authorities back to Spikes. He was caught dealing in stolen items, most famously Haunted Mansion props and he was arrested in April 2019.

Finally the case is concluded with Spikes reaching a plea deal that allows him to serve no jail time but instead 10 years of probation, 250 hours of community service and restitution.


What did Mr. Spikes do to show his appreciation for the deal that would keep him out of jail?

When he was asked by WESH 2 if he had a statement he responded with “I’m going to Disney World.”

Wow! What an unrepentant dill weed!

Of course he’s banned from the parks as is his partner in crime, Blayton Taunton. He received a lesser sentence of just 5 years of probation and 150 hours of community service.

Where’s Buzzy?

Buzzy has still not been recovered and Spikes maintains he’s innocent of stealing him, even though he sold the missing animatronic’s clothes to NBA player Robin Lopez.

Buzzy is somewhere, naked and afraid. Disney is missing out though. They could totally spin this into a money making show called “Finding Buzzy” and put it on Disney+.  Honestly a lot of people would watch that.

More than likely whoever took the $400,000 animatronic either broke him up into parts or ditched Buzzy somewhere no one would ever find it.

The whole story is very intriguing to Disney parks fans. The mystery continues.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: WESH 2,



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  1. i believe Matt Sonswa aka Matthew Stcyr stole buzzy. he’s a youtuber who used to hang around with spikes…..they were in videos with each other on property obviously after hours……they even climbed thunder mountain together……if you think spikes a piece of work, you’d love sonswa….complete scumbag…..he erased a bunch of his videos and disappeared from youtube right around the time buzzy was taken and spikes was arrested… just so happens 2 days after spikes was sentenced, sonswa started posting on youtube again.


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