The Jungle Cruise Will Reopen On July 16 in Disneyland


Those wanting to visit Disneyland later this summer can check out the newly re-imagined Jungle Cruise. The attraction will reopen on July 16, 2021 at the California theme park.

Walt Disney World is currently being done in stages and the plan is to have it completed later this summer.

Trader Sam has been removed but that’s okay, he is now running the Lost & Found where he’s apparently stealing the lost items and selling them.

Thank goodness they fixed all the harmful stereotyping in this attraction.

Here’s what the Disney Parks Blog posted:

True to his reputation as the best merchant in the jungle, Trader Sam has found a way to convert the new Lost & Found location into something more profitable for the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. The Jungle Cruise appears to be going the route of all the best rides – ending with a gift shop!

The new jokes just don’t feel as funny.

The new jokes just seem like they’re trying to hard. Before they were corny, but now they feel forced?  I don’t know, but bad jokes are part of the ride so it’s to be expected.

True to their reputations, our world-famous skippers will continue their unique presentations along the river with interactions that guests expect.

The article finishes of with this quote:

…the Jungle Cruise enhancements include several new scenes along the river, all interconnected.  Unexpected scenarios along the way will give the jungle and the animals the last laugh!

Good. I’m glad the jungle and the animals are getting the last laugh. Especially after all the effort they went to making sure the animatronic chimpanzees were authentic so people wouldn’t laugh at them.

D23 made sure to showcase how thorough they are being with their depictions, down to the animatronics according to Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Portfolio Executive Chris Beatty.

When introducing new elements—even animals—we make sure they’re done in a respectful way. We reached out to Dr. Mark Penning and his team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and said, “Look, we have these chimpanzees that are coming into this new world and we want to have fun with them. How do we make sure it’s done in an authentic way for the chimpanzees?” We want to have fun, but we’re not making fun of the animals. His team had great insights and it really elevated that new scene.

That’s right, because on the new attraction they laugh at you!

You can join your skipper and board your boat to check out the new attraction and let the jungle and animals have the last laugh, starting on July 16, 2021, at Disneyland in California.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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