The Haunted Road Experience Orlando 2022


Perhaps you are on vacation in the Orlando area for an extended amount of time. You have visited Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Maybe you went for a night of Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando during your trip to Orlando. What if you want another spooky event to attend? Do you have a car? Maybe you are a central Florida local looking for a spooky night out. If so, “The Haunted Road” in Orlando might be a good more casual spooky event for you to enjoy.

During my most recent trip to Orlando, I got to tag along for a preview of “The Haunted Road” operations for 2022. The core of this event revolves around a drive through haunting experience. As their marketing says, this year, The Haunted Road crawls with FLESH-CRAVING, vengeance-driven, beastly ghouls, seeking mortals foolish enough to buy a ticket to their own demise. Also, they claimed The Haunted Road is not for the lily-livered, nor the faint of heart, and most certainly, not for those who value their lives. They ask: “Are you willing to face the wrath of the flesh-hungry souls who seek retribution?”

During the preview last week, I got to see some basics of the event. Due to rain, we were not able to drive through the event during this preview, so I did not see most of the main scenes. We walked out with a guide to one scene of the drive-through aspect however.

Also, a walk-through style haunted house named “Human Slaughterhouse” can also be enjoyed by guests of this event. Sadly, based on the darkness, I only got a few decent photos.

The “Afterlife Party” concludes your experience. This area features a haunted DJ, pop-up performers/scare actors, a “Haunt Market”, food (BBQ food truck, dessert food truck, and a bar with themed cocktails and other beverages) for purchases.

Since my experience felt very soggy based on location and amount of rain, I failed to enjoy many things that would be a part of the normal evening operation. In fact, I had to throw away some socks after my visit. Thus, I cannot tell you everything about this operation for 2022.

Despite the miscommunications and soggy ground, this event offers some positives. For example, the scare actors themselves did a great job being very enthusiastic. Also, I understand the walk-through aspect of this event looked better this year. The price point will not kill your budget either. However, bear in mind this does not qualify as an all-night event like Halloween Horror Nights or Howl-O-Scream.

For more information, consult their site at Tickets start as low as $19. Still, expect most nights to cost between $21-30 per person per night when purchased in advance. This event runs on select nights until November 6th.

Thanks to @ThatOrlanDave on Twitter for letting me tag along for this event. If you would like to watch a vlog of this event, you can see a video of it here. If you watch, you will see I get scared easily or at least say that often. Please bear in mind that things will be very dark. Enjoy the spooky!

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