The British Revolution and Matsuriza Taiko Drummers Ending Today at EPCOT


What is going on at EPCOT?

First the Cultural Exchange Program participants were told they could go home or stay, and the College Program participants were sent home.

Now the British Revolution at the UK Pavilion and Matsuriza Taiko Drummers show at the Japan pavilion are ending at EPCOT.

The drummers have been there for years, 25 years!

Here’s their statement on Facebook:

1:05 , 2:00 , 3:20 , 4:10 , 5:15 , and 6:15 .

The British Revolution has performed over 11,000 shows at Epcot. Here’s the statement that was released on Facebook:

Their final shows are at 4:30 , 5:30 , 7:00 , and 8:00 .

Right now Disney needs these types of shows to offset the construction at EPCOT. How are they going to run the World Showcase if cast members leave?

My husband Thom had a crazy theory that maybe Disney is going to shut down EPCOT completely to do the re-imagining and save the operating costs to complete it. Because Disney is going to lose a considerable amount of money over the Coronavirus. Of course I said “No. I don’t think so.” But now I’m starting to wonder if his “tin foil mouse ears” theory might not be as far fetched as I thought. Still it’s just a way out there theory and by no means is it even a “rumor.’ It’s just a thought. But I have to admit the more I hear the more I’m going “hmmmmm?”

Either way, if it re-opens in two weeks those two shows and a bunch of Cast Members will be gone. It’s a sad day. To the cast members and performers leaving I want to let you know how much we have all appreciated your hard work, talent, and enthusiasm.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Facebook Groups


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