Surtur From ‘Thor Ragnarok’ Gets A Upscaled Marvel Legends Figure


Now that we’re moving into Phase 4 of the MCU, perhaps we’ll get some well-rounded villains. Well, ones that aren’t Loki. Don’t get me wrong. Many of the baddies we’ve seen in the MCU have been awesome about design and their fight scenes.

However, I have a tough time remembering many of their character traits aside from “destroy the world with giant storm thingie or big bomb.”

Surtur’s only purpose was to bring about Ragnarok. Ya don’t need a whole lot of depth when it comes to that. So, where he lacks in character development, he excels in sheer awesomeness. The dude was huge! And Hulk tried to punch him out!


Hasbro | Disney

Surtur will be joining the Marvel Legends line of action figures this summer. Oddly enough, he doesn’t come with a tiny Hulk, or Thor, or Asgard. He does come with a giant sword and an extra set of hands.

When I first saw the price, I thought that was a bit much for a 6″ figure. He looks cool, no doubt, but $53.99? It was later confirmed that Surtur is; indeed, an oversized figure coming in at 13 inches. He’ll stand at twice the height of other Legends figures, but would it have been too much to ask for him to be taller?

I’m not talking about the size of that awesome Godzilla toy from a few years ago. Maybe roughly the height of the Legends Sentinel? 24 or 26 inches? Oh well. A girl can dream.

Surtur will be coming out this August. So, head on over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order yours now!

Did you forget about Surtur? We’ve included a little spoiler-free clip from Thor Ragnarok below to help remind you.

Would you like to see more supersized characters appear in the Marvel Legends line? Which ones? Maybe a beefed-up Juggernaut? Like twice the size of the previous one? Or how about a giant Ant-Man? Let us know in the comments.

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