Star Was The Bad Batch faces Backlash “UnWhiteWash” on Twitter


So with the new Star Wars: Bad Batch television series on Disney+ many fans were looking forward to a new show about a team on Clone Commandos who were all considered “Defective”. Each one having a difference to the other clones be it skin color, hair style, voice, height and even gender with the small character “Omega” being a defective clone who is not only female but also has white hair and pasty white skin.

This however doesn’t sit well with “Certain Fans” some saying that the characters are “White Washed” despite the disclaimer that the aren’t True Copies of Jango Fett, they are meant to have distinct differences from the main Clone Troopers. The phrase “UnWhiteWashBadBatch” was trending on Twitter with a number of people saying that they whitewashed the Clones. 

The Trend apparently got a response from Lucasfilm saying that they would be “Adjusting the Lighting” in future episodes, meaning that the loud minority of fans got their wish while everyone who disagreed was ignored.  

There were many comments for and against on Twitter:



The continued recent controversies in the Star Wars community seems to keep dividing fans and a lot of it seems to come down to politics. 

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Source: Bounding Into Comics, Twitter

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